Implemented for iGaming Safety

Technology has always provided a significant impact in the online gaming world. As the Covid-19 pandemic limited people’s outdoor activities, technology is a factor that makes online gaming more enhanced and more accessible. Similar to any industry, iGaming has encountered a remarkable technological transformation that contributed to attracting new players. 

With the innovation, the enhancement of the gameplay, security, and the players’ process are ensured enabling the gamblers to enjoy the best gaming experience. These innovations that are shaping the online gaming industry help the players to play the game and transfer funds safely and conveniently. Without further ado, here are the technologies implemented for online gaming safety.

KYC Technology

Since the online gaming sector is at risk of financial crime, the operators must be strong against money laundering and terrorist financing threats by implementing effective measures. Thus, these gaming companies are required to meet the KYC obligations which vary depending on the country’s gambling regulations. 

The KYC or Know Your Customer is a trend in the online casinos or bingo sites that is applied to check players’ identities and financial information before permitting them to play or cash out their gains. This innovation has become compulsory in the online gambling industry and the operators that failed to carry out any responsible gambling including the KYC will be imposed fines and penalties. Concerning the Trusted bingo websites, these platforms prioritise their customers’ safety and security by requiring them to provide their personal information. 

The KYC technology is applied to protect the gamblers from any financial danger related to the online gaming sector from which the players must provide their copies of bills, the Identity Card, and other associated documents.

2 Face Authenticator

Previously, the two-factor authentication (2FA) was only applied when purchasing goods online but today, online gaming sites have incorporated this technology to collect their customers’ personal information. As its name suggests, this technology for iGaming safety goes through two steps to verify the players’ identity before allowing them to deposit or withdraw funds from the platforms. 

In fact, the two-step authentication required the users to provide both a password and an OTP (One Time Password) sent to their mobile phones. Once they arrive to enter these two required passwords, they can access the bingo website or internet casino. The 2FA is among the security measures to ensure that the players play at the sites without having to be concerned about the financial transactions’ security. With this security process, their gaming accounts will be protected from unauthorized people by asking them to enter two passwords before being allowed to access their accounts.

Live Bingo Rooms

Live casino games have become a phenomenon in the online gambling market as they enable players to enjoy a realistic gaming experience from the comfort of their own homes. This advancement in technology pushes the bingo operators to launch live bingo rooms not only for loads of fun but also for the players’ security. Today, the live bingo rooms have expanded in the well-reputed gaming platforms enabling people to try the bingo variants of their choice while interacting with other players. The difference between the online bingo hall and the live bingo rooms is the lifelike and thrilling mood that the players can appreciate in the live version. 

Actually, the live bingo network is mainly seductive for the large choice of bingo games that are usually packed with great jackpots. The online or mobile players can benefit from the bingo rooms with a stunning atmosphere provided that they have high-speed internet.

Protection against Personal Harm

The problem associated with online gaming has become amazingly increased not only due to the ongoing global pandemic but also the technological innovations. It is undeniable that some games including bingo show a lower rate of addiction but preventing online gaming harm is crucial to every country. When it comes to protecting against personal issues, the first thing that comes to mind is the self-exclusion scheme to ban the players from accessing licensed gambling sites. There are also some renowned blocker apps to disable their transactions when they try to deposit a higher amount of money. 

Some self-excluding tools names have become reputable and even compulsory in the iGaming industry to reinforce the gamblers’ protection from possible problems. Those who enjoy playing through mobile devices can also download apps and easily ban themselves from their preferred websites in their chosen period of time.


Technological advancements and innovations have enhanced our life over the past two decades and in the online gaming industry, they also have a vital role. These novelties have proven the way people play and enhanced the security in online casinos or bingo sites. 

The gambling experience is guaranteed to be thrilling because the players are able to opt for various online games and payment options. It would be exciting to see the gambling industry packed with impressive technological innovations from which both the operators and the players will feel more secure and safe in this gaming environment. Supported by the rising of technology, the online gaming world is quickly converting into a shaping sector.


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