After the legalization, Tencent has to promote the “original music” upgrade

Recently, Tencent Music Entertainment Group announced the launch of the “Musician Program”, its QQ music, cool dog music, cool music, national K song, cool dog live, and 5Sing six platforms will support original musicians from multiple dimensions, the next three years it is necessary to bring 500 million yuan in income to musicians.

Regardless of the copyright reserve or the number of users, Tencent Music Entertainment Group is China’s well-deserved “big brother”. What is the intention of launching the “Musician Plan” this time? What is the impact on the industry? This article will give the answer.

How is it different from past plans?

Tencent Music Entertainment Group is not the first platform to launch support programs for original musicians. Earlier, the musician support program had the shrimp music “light-seeking plan”, Douban “golden wool plan”, Net-ease cloud music “stone plan”, even today’s headlines that are not in line with music announced at the beginning of this year to support independence musician.

The business of Tencent Music Entertainment Group has also supported different forms of original musicians. For example, 5Sing, known as the “Chinese Original Music Base”, has launched the “Millions of Fans Program”; for example, in early 2016, Tencent Music Entertainment launched the “MUSIC+” program, which treats each musician as an independent IP. Operation and packaging. The above plans are all supported by musicians from a single dimension, such as album release, content realization, and fan economy. The Tencent Musician program is very different from all previous “plans.”

First, it is not just covering independent musicians but covering more musical characters.

Earlier, the musician support program was more directed to a smaller group of musicians. The Tencent Musicians program covers the entire music industry chain, including independent musicians who have not yet made a name for themselves, and also include big-name stars, and even meet the demands of labels and record companies. Seven-fold services such as digital album release, tour music festival, music training education, promotion, and work income cover almost all musician groups.

Second, it is not a single dimension to solve the problem of original musicians.

There are essentially two appeals for musicians. One is to make music that you like and to listen to your favorite audience. One can be realized, and commercialization can better feed music creation. The “Tencent Musicians Program” gives musicians support, not just simple announcements, but covers the distribution of works, promotion, data management, performance support, income from works, copyright management, and rights protection, and seven services of education and training. It satisfies the demands of musicians to make music and make money at the same time.

Third, the first musician plan to clarify the income of musicians

The Tencent Musician plans to bring 500 million yuan in revenue to musicians in the next three years, making it the first musician plan to define a “revenue goal.” On the one hand, TME Group has commercialization capabilities; on the other hand, it allows the industry to realize that commercialization of music is understandable. “Economic basis determines the superstructure.” Only good content can be realized, so that content creators can make more Good music, and ultimately give back to users, the income of 500 million yuan is worthy of excitement for the industry.

Fourth, the first to use big data technology to support musicians’ plans

Technology has not only changed the way music is stored, distributed, and consumed, but has also changed the entire music industry, allowing all processes of music consumption to be digitized. Whether it’s Spotify or QQ music, the list of digital music platforms is very impressive and more authoritative, comprehensive and real-time than the traditional list of traditional music. The Tencent Musicians Program will provide music management to musicians. It will also integrate all of its platform data into an original music list, providing data guides for musicians, labels and even record companies, reflecting the use of data to change musical ideas.

In general, the Tencent Musicians Program is a “big plan” that covers the entire music industry chain, addresses the pain points of the music industry from multiple dimensions, clarifies income targets, and values ​​the ideas of big data and other technologies, unprecedented in the industry.


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