Thailand Becoming The Hub Of Technology In Asia

There are many countries around the globe which want to be seen as a global leader when it comes to technology, and Thailand is one of them. Over the last decade or so, Thailand has been striving to develop their technology sector as they looked to transform themselves from a traditionally agriculturally focused nation. Their efforts have seen the technology system begin to boom, with more start-ups and multinational firms being drawn to the country.

The tech sector in Thailand is really on the up and it’s currently seen as one of Asia’s top manufacturing hubs, but this isn’t enough for the Thai government who are looking to gain a foothold in several other modern industries too. Digital commerce, digital entrepreneurship, digital innovation and digital content are all seen as areas within the digital economy that Thailand can explore and advance in.

The mobile and internet sectors in Thailand are really flourishing right now too having grown rapidly over the last eight years or so. These areas are big business and the more money that is pumped in, the bigger the market penetration will be. It’s not just digital technology where Thailand is advancing though, with non-digital technology continuing to evolve too.

Arcelik, a huge Turkish manufacturer, have a production plant in Thailand that has been open since 2015. Arcelik produces good such as Beko refrigerators and are looking at sales topping $500m this year. There are also other electrical giants such as Bosch and Panasonic who have found a home in Thailand, giving the country more credibility as a technology hub in Asia. The country is very welcoming to foreigners and reflects their feelings towards foreign investment. So that all foreign management and personnel brought in to set up these businesses will not be homesick, with great food friendly locals as well as even being able to have the occasional flutter on SBOBET and other trusted gaming sites.

The launch of the True Digital Park which is set to take place in the fourth quarter of 2018 will also go some way in cementing Thailand’s position as a country with technology at the forefront of everything they do. It will be crucial when it comes to continuing the exponential growth of the startup scene in Thailand, especially as it’s these start-ups, and the people involved who will be the future as Thailand looks to enter a new digital age.

It’s believed that through the True Digital Park’s influence that startups from foreign countries, as well as big players in the technology industry, will be attracted to the region. This can only be seen as a good thing and having the likes of Bosch, Panasonic and Arcelik already based in Thailand also make the country more legitimate as a pioneer in the technology sector.

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