The End of Pirated Games – Games Expected to Become Uncrackable by 2018

The founder of an infamous Chinese cracking forum, 3DM, has said that pirated games may all but disappear within two years.

The statement was released after the group discovered just how difficult it was to crack the latest release from Square Enix, Just Cause 3. According to 3DM founder, known as Bird Sister, the group’s game cracker all but gave up when trying to bring Just Cause 3 to the pirates.

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Why the End of Pirated Games ?

The end of game piracy? That’s surely never going to happen, is it? But according to recent reports pirated games are going to end soon. The reason is a new way digital rights management companies are going about protecting games, with the key example being the protection used on Just Cause 3, released December 1st last year.

Just Cause 3 uses the latest iteration of Denuvo, an anti-tamper technology developed by Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH. While its secrets are best known to its creators, Denuvo is a secondary encryption system which protects existing and underlying DRM products.

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Speaking about the level of encryption used in Just Cause 3 in a blog post translated by Torrent Freak, Bird Sister said, “The last stage is too difficult and Jun [cracking guy] nearly gave up, but last Wednesday I encouraged him to continue”.

It is expected that eventually this new version of Denuvo and the games it protects will be cracked, but 3DM forum founder Bird Sister is not very confident about the future. The rate at which encryption systems such as Denuvo are being improved means that within a couple of years it will just be too difficult to crack the protection being used, at least within a workable time period.

“According to current trends in the development of encryption technology, in two years’ time I’m afraid there will be no free games to play in the world,” the 3DM founder said.

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  1. It ain’t gonna happen.Games will always be cracked ! All it takes is a rogue insider coder.And meanwhile i’m enjoying the cracked version of the game as we speak.


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