The Schedule Shift – How to Improve Business Organisation

Organization and efficiency are two things that every business owner and manager is striving to achieve. In many cases, with a few minor tweaks, the business can drastically improve both. Whether you are trying to eliminate double-handling, create less waste in your processes or simply remove a few outdated tasks, improving your organization can do all these and more. If you are looking to improve your business organization, consider these easy tips to get started today.


One of the biggest areas of waste in any business process is doing things manually that can be done far more efficiently with technology. There is a fear that automation means replacing people when it really means empowering people by removing unproductive tasks. Scheduling apps, like Deputy’s, are a prime example of this. By allowing technology to automate your rostering and scheduling, you allow managers to focus on what matters – the people. Not only do rostering apps bring additional time, but they also organize staff better as they utilize machine learning to adapt to your business’s data points. By using staff preferences and sales data, scheduling apps can help organize your business rosters more efficiently and optimize spend.

Time management

Instead of worrying about what your staff is focussed on or spending time asking them every minute of the day, take the guesswork out. Implementing a solution such as a task assignment and time management app will do that work for you. Apps like Asana are great at assigning key work to employees, providing features like deadline monitoring. Not only does this give managers greater visibility of what is being achieved, but it also helps create focus and intent for employees as well as giving them tangible deadlines. Everybody wins here.

A new methodology

If you want to really improve and overhaul your businesses organization, then consider adopting a new way of working and a new methodology. Agile methodology is a relatively new way of working that is specifically designed to create accountability and collaboration in the workplace. Backed by daily stand up’s and delivery sprints, employees know exactly what has been prioritized for the fortnight ahead and are held accountable for delivering those features. Originally designed to help guide tech projects, this methodology has spread to the daily management of employees, largely because it provides a great way to organize and motivate teams. Whether you have a large or small team, this methodology could really improve the organization within your area in a fresh and functional form.

Don’t stop collaborating

A fundamental part of the organization in any business is knowing who is doing what, but also who can help with things you may be stuck on. Creating a collaborative environment of information sharing and also burden-sharing is a great way to improve the organization. Apps like Slack are a great way to achieve this. Specifically designed to foster better collaboration not only within your business but with external partners as well, Slack is a great platform for making sure at any given time every team member knows what is happening. You can create customized channels, focus on projects while maintaining focus and relevance as well.

Improving the organization in your business used to be a case of reviewing every step or process in the lifecycle, but that isn’t the case anymore. Technology and tools have helped create genuine improvement in businesses all over the world. Simple but effective changes that can breed real organization in your business. If you are looking for a solution to help make your business more organized, then consider one of these apps and ideas.

Bhasker Dev
Bhasker Dev
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