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A good gamer knows that the passion that goes into games must also be reflected in the care that is given to consoles. No serious gamer likes to see their PlayStation or their Xbox or their Nintendo Switch covered in layers of dust or their controls with damaged joysticks.

Taking care of your console is essential, not only to have the best performance but also to extend its life. Dust, humidity or heat are harmful elements.

According to research from Betway casino, the top-selling console, PlayStation 5, is the least clean, where Xbox consoles are one of the cleaner gaming platforms. And Nintendo Switch offers the cleanest version of the gaming console.

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So here are some simple tips for cleaning your consoles to extend their life.

Clean from the outside in

In general, every console usually has its own ventilation grilles, a place where dust usually accumulates that does not come out of the console or with the fan. Without opening the console, with some care we can use a vacuum cleaner to remove all that interior dust.

Keep the casing intact

On the other hand, the casing or exterior of the console can also accumulate dirt and humidity that, if we are not careful, could affect the interior of the machine. To avoid this, it will not hurt if we always put the console in a dry and cool place, in addition to placing a cloth that covers the machine when it is not in operation. And of course, it is essential to clean the console from time to time, for which we can use multipurpose cleaning products, completely drying the console after cleaning.

Using a cleaning CD

One of the hardest parts to clean is the inside of a CD/DVD/Blu Ray player. For this we have two solutions; either open the reader itself and manually clean the lens (with all the complexity that this entails), or use a cleaning CD. Just by inserting it and letting it act for a short time, the reader should be clean.

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Opening the machine

We also have the option to open the console, and here we have to be careful. For starters, consoles are usually closed to the point of needing special tools to open them. Only if we know how to open them without damaging them in this process, we can clean the machine in question. Once opened, we can find multiple nooks where dirt accumulates. To remove it, we can use brushes, although always being careful not to move anything from the place and not to damage any component.

Using compressed air

Even with a vacuum cleaner or touching the dirt itself with other objects, in the machines, there is always dirt that remains embedded. How to get rid of it? Well, with compressed air. Whether it is in the electronic component or if we use it in the fans of the console, we will notice the dirt will come out of the machine very easily.

Take these basic cleaning tips into account, and you will see that your gaming consoles will last a long time without problems.


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