Twitter Shuts Down 125,000 Terrorism-Related Accounts
Image credits : Dado Ruvic | Reuters

Nowadays social networking medias like Twitter became a promotion center for most of the terrorist groups.  Extremist groups like the Islamic State [ISIS] have taken advantage of that stance, using Twitter as a place to spread their messages and gain more followers to their group. But recent blog post from Twitter made it clear that  promotion of terrorism or any violent threat, is not permitted as its violates Twitter Rules and the company also claims that it shuts down tens of thousands these types terrorism-related accounts since May.

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LogBook : Twitter Shuts Down Terrorism-Related Accounts

Twitter on its new blog post made clear that it was stepping up its fight against ISIS and other violent extremist groups for the promotion of terrorism through its platform.

The Company said, Twitter is not the place to promote terrorism or any other violent activities and its against the Twitter Rules.

Twitter claimed that, since the middle of 2015 they had shuts down over 125,000 accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts, most of them linked to the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

This is the first time Twitter has revealed the scale of terrorist related activity on its service.

According to CNBC, a previous estimate of ISIS-linked Twitter accounts, prepared by The Brookings Institute, placed their number at about 46,000.

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Twitter also said, now it had expanded the teams that review reports of accounts connected to extremism, to remove the accounts more quickly.

The company said it looks into accounts similar to the ones reported, and leverages proprietary spam fighting tools to find other potential terrorist accounts.

The US government has pressured technology companies to co-operate and help them identify terrorism-related accounts, though Silicon Valley has been wary of engaging with government officials.

Twitter reminds us there’s no “magic algorithm” to completely halting extremist activity online, and it often involves making judgment calls based on very little information. The responsibility that falls on social media tech companies, however, is undeniable.

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