How to Set Up Your New Laptop Like a Pro

Just got a new laptop? Learn how to set up your new laptop like a pro with our expert tips and tricks. Maximize productivity and get the most out of your device from day one!

Download the latest OS updates so you're secure and have new capabilities like AI features. Update graphics drivers too.

Update OS

Protect yourself against malware and viruses with a robust antivirus program like Norton or McAfee. Schedule regular system scans.

Install Antivirus

In Windows, disable visual effects, enable SSD optimization, clean up junk files. In macOS, reduce animations and desktop clutter.

Max Out Performance

Set mouse/trackpad, keyboard shortcuts, display options like Night Light mode to your preferences in Settings/System Preferences.

Customize Settings

Keep only essential app shortcuts on the desktop. Make folders for documents. Hide distracting icons. Use a photo you like for wallpaper.

Organize the Desktop

Uninstall unneeded built-in apps, trials and games that eat up storage space. Keep useful ones like photo editors and system utilities.

Eliminate Bloatware

Use cloud backup, external drives and recovery software to safeguard your system and files in case of disaster. Encrypt sensitive data.

Protect It

Follow this checklist and your new laptop will be running smoothly, securely and ready to boost your productivity in no time. Set it up intelligently from the start for a worry-free device that excels at every task.