What is a cold email, and the keys to writing it correctly

A cold email is an email related to a professional topic or advertising, where we are going to offer a service or a product to someone we do not know.

It is a delicate and difficult type of email to write because we don’t know who is going to read it (or we do, but we do not know him personally), and therefore we cannot anticipate what tone or style to apply.

It is important to write a “cold email” correctly, because if you send a colloquial and humorous email to a serious person, or on the contrary, it seems too cold and distant, as if a robot had written it, it will probably end up in the trash.

So here are some key tips for writing a cold email:

Always be clear about the objective

These types of emails are sent to a stranger for a specific reason: to sell or present a product or service, ask for an opinion, do a survey, etc. Always keep this goal in mind, and don’t deviate from it. Anything else is straw that will distract the recipient’s attention.

A mental image of the recipient

Since you do not know who the cold email is intended for, you have to try to imagine what it is like, as faithfully as possible. Try to get a mental image of that person: age, profession, interests, etc. With a mental image of the person, it will be easier to address them.

Put yourself in their shoes and write to yourself

When writing, you have to put yourself in the shoes of that person. Imagine that you are him and try to write for you. Be creative and personalize the content to the maximum, that it does not look like you have written it with a template.

Be direct and concise

For a person to read an email from someone unknown, they have to get to the point. If there is a lot of history and a lot of introduction, they may stop reading. 

You have to introduce yourself, but immediately go to the cold email issue and do not deviate from it. Focus not on praising your product or service but on showing the recipient how and what you offer to improve their life.

The importance of the matter

The email subject is of vital importance, so that the recipient is encouraged to open the email and read it. There are many classic tricks, such as putting the person’s name in the subject (if you know it), including numbers, showing urgency, asking a compelling question, or starting the sentence to continue it inside the email.

End with a CTA

A CTA or Call-to-Action is placed at the end of the email. It is a link, an image with a link, or a button for the reader to click when they finish reading the email and take them to your website or your blog. It must be included so that the recipient can contact you easily since that is usually the reason for a cold email.

Keep track of your email marketing campaings

Use an email marketing tool like Omnisend to set up your campaign and manage them. Like, automate emails, track on stats on the deliverability of your emails covering bounce rate, blocked emails, and dead email addresses.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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