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Programs that allow you to edit, open, and view plain text files are included under the class “text editors.” Text editors work differently from word processing programs in that they don’t allow text formatting. They are simply a way for someone to edit plain text. 

Text editors are used for many purposes by many people. For example, programmers and developers may use text editors to edit blocks of code. One of the main purposes of text editors is for developers and programmers to read and write code in different programming languages. 

While all Windows and Mac computers come with basic text editing programs, these usually aren’t powerful enough for people who are serious about coding or web design. At some point, you may want to seek a more advanced text editing program to suit your needs. Here are some things to look for when choosing a new text editing program. 


It doesn’t matter how good the program is, if it’s slowing you down then chances are you aren’t going to stick with it. While the speed of text editors can vary for different reasons, it’s important to find one that will give you what you are looking for. When done right, coding can be done nearly at the thought of speed. If your editor is slowing you down, this will only interrupt the flow and decrease your productivity. 


Most people look for advanced text editors because there’s a certain feature that they are looking for. This can be anything from being able to use ATOM shortcuts, to being able to highlight sections of code. You don’t necessarily have to pay a ton for these additional features, either. Many open-source programs may have the features that you are looking for. Just be sure to find an editor that will support your objective. 

Learning Curve

Perhaps one of the most important parts to consider while choosing a text editor is the learning curve it’ll take to learn a new program. This will depend on the program you started with, of course. It can make selection easier when it comes to jumping between editors, however. For example, if you are trying to choose between two different editors and one is more similar to what you’re already used to, it will take you less time to learn the new program. 

Extension Support

Like with most software programs, you want to make sure that you pick something that has good extension support. This can be especially true if you’re coding with a language that isn’t as well-known as others. 

Ease of Use

This may seem obvious, but many people choose text editors without considering this factor. If you choose an editor that is difficult for you to use, this can hamper your overall productivity. Using a software program that either doesn’t feel intuitive or feels awkward will not set you up for success. You may end up spending more time being frustrated with your text editor than actually producing function code. 

Domain Support

One of the important aspects when it comes to text editors is domain support. While there are many problems that coders can run into, domain-related issues are very common in the field. If you choose an editor that cannot handle the domain suitably, you’ll end up wasting time and running into frustrating scenarios. 

Choosing the right text editor for your needs will have a large part to play in your day-to-day success. Keep in mind that learning to utilize your editor efficiently will also contribute to the overall ease of use. Don’t choose a new editor that will require you to start from scratch unless you have to. 


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