WhatsApp Video Call Feature

Facebook owned communication service, WhatsApp Messenger, who have 1 billion active monthly users now made a new update to its app by increasing the number of people one can have in a group chat. Yes you can add more members than before in WhatsApp groups.

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LogBook : WhatsApp Groups Now Have 256 Members

School groups,college groups,work groups,business groups,anonymous friends groups,family groups, yes for everything we have WhatsApp groups.

Now a happy news for all group admins, a recent minor update in WhatsApp messenger  increased the number of people one can have in a group chat.

Yes now WhatsApp groups can have 256 members.

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At first WhatsApp allowed only 50 members and in November 2014 this limit was upped to 100.

The update is available to both Android and iOS users, but its yet to show up on Windows and BlackBerry.

Now many groups in WhatsApp, users and admins are selling everything from outfits to accessories and even using the same for advertising down to carpooling groups and more. WhatsApp groups have grown in number and an additional 156 group members seems to make the deal even sweeter for such group admins.

Recently WhatsApp announced that it has more 1 billion monthly active users and it also dropped its $1 annual subscription fee in an attempt to bring more businesses on the platform.

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