Finally WhatsApp Video Call Feature Now Live On Android
Image Credits : Android Police

WhatsApp — popular messaging app finally rolled out video call feature on Android smartphones.

Yes,new beta version of WhatsApp’s Android app now include video calling feature. The feature was first spotted by Android Police and which reported that video calling had become available on WhatsApp’s recent beta builds for some users.

WhatsApp video call feature is live from the beta app with the version 2.16.318. A couple of days back, it was first spotted on the beta version of the Windows Phone app. Whereas the voice calling that was introduced, last year came first on Android platform.

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To make a video call, both the users need to be on the latest beta version, if not it shows the “couldn’t place call” error. Since it’s in beta, the more features can be added to the final update or the upcoming beta versions.

As of now, there is a separate video calling button, you need to click on phone icon which earlier makes a voice call, but now its shows voice call and video call options. While on a video call, the user can switch the camera, mute the audio, and send a message; but sending a message will pause the video call.

In case the user at the other end rejected the voice call, you get three options – cancel, call again, and record a voice message. These are the same options that are available even when the voice call is declined.

If your beta version didn’t shows option for video calling then you can activate it by simply wiping app data and logging in again and also make sure you back up your chats first. So download the latest WhatsApp beta version and activate video call feature.


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