a cloud-based school management software for your School or College

Its near time we see educational institutions bragging about being 100% cloud in their ads. Society is evolving, and it is bringing up every possible sector along with it. From education to entertainment, every industry is getting digitized and shrank to fit in your smartphones.

With this sensationalizing growth taking over, no one would prefer to be brought up in an outdated way. This blog is for you if you are in search of technology to improve the educational standards of your institute.

With the increased interest in SaaS(software as a service, you don’t need to install these softwares on your computer ) applications, educational sector is getting altered with the process. While the learning management system(LMS) like learnmesh and similar applications are changing the way of learning, educational management software are changing the ways of managing and running schools & colleges. The data storing and processing are becoming more complex as the size and quantity of data are incrementing in every way.

Cloud ERP solutions are assisting educational institutions in so many ways which include minimizing time consumption & increasing quality time of the faculty. The cloud software is accepted widely because of increased scalability, easy collaboration facilities, work practice flexibilities, and reduced hardware set-up cost. Keeping all the legal and security mumbo jumbos aside, cloud solutions are paving the way to an advanced & flexible academy culture.

Here’s a highlighted list of 6 reasons why your school should invest in a cloud-based ERP school management software.

1. Easily manage all the tuition fee transactions

a cloud-based school management software for your School or College

Accounting is a difficult process for all institutions. Most of the prominent educational ERPs are well packed with a fees management module which is an integral part of school management. Fee collection and report generation become easier and hassle-free with school management software.

2. Attendance & academic tracking become simpler

a cloud-based school management software for your School or College

Attendance marking and storing is a high prior task for educational institutions. Storing and recalling a huge data for the year-end is considered as a messy and time-consuming process. Educational ERP software minimizes these efforts by digitizing the attendance marking. Sorting learners on the basis of attendance become much easier due to this. Some cloud ERPs even provide SMS facilities to make parents informed of their child’s absence records.

3. Library & other facilities can be managed

a cloud-based school management software for your School or College

Multiple application usages for multiple sections like inventory, library etc can be avoided by using a single ERP school management software. Such software provides normal functionalities such as tracking of the book issued, returned & added to the library and advanced features like keeping the profile of the book holder, reserving books etc. School stuff and other inventory can be easily handled and the transactions can be kept on track much easier with inventory management module of ERP school software.

4. Track school buses

a cloud-based school management software for your School or College

School transportation facilities can be monitored using these apps. The vehicle details, driver info, route specs, tracks etc can be checked easily. Some apps even provide live tracking of the school bus with GPS integration. Money and time can be saved by using these advanced technological reforms. These apps will help to get ETA arrival status of your child’s school bus, give an alert when emergencies happen and get notifications accordingly.

5. Get notified about school events

a cloud-based school management software for your School or College

Celebrations, events, gatherings or any other functions conducted in schools can be notified with the help of the cloud-based applications. The separate portals for students, parents & teachers will help to decrease the chances of missing school events. This assures participation and cooperation for academical activities. Fundraiser programs and charities can also be encouraged using these features of school management software.

6.Simplifies parent-teacher interactions

a cloud-based school management software for your School or College

Almost all of the modern school management software provides parent portals. This facility breaks the communication barrier between school and home. Every parent has the right to know about their child’s academic growth and modern apps help ease the difficulty in dealing with that. With the help of these apps fixing appointments and arranging meetups with class teacher & other faculty members become much simpler.

If you are in search of a reliable student management software with all the above-mentioned features Try Edufar, one of the best school management software available in the market.

Edufar is a unique school management software that helps schools, colleges, and educational institutions manage their day to day activities with ease. From admission process to library management, even for certificate generation, Edufar makes all the functions easy and hassle-free. Along with the free trial of 14 days, they also offer a free package of school management software for schools with a student limit of 150.



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