Wine 3.0

We all know using some emulators we can easily run Android apps on our Windows PC. But do you ever wonder to do the opposite — run a full-blown Windows applications on your Android device? With the release of Wine 3.0, now it’s possible to run Windows programs on Android device.

Wine is a Windows compatibility layer for Linux-based systems, which now has been updated to version 3.0 — bundled up to an APK package to assist Android users. You can get the Wine 3.0 installer for Android device from this page.

Actually, Wine isn’t an emulator — so it won’t run your standard Windows applications on just any Android device. You require Chromebook or x86 Android devices than those powered by ARM processors.

Now Wine 3.0 only supports Windows programs that have been ported to Windows RT and currently, none are bundled with this build. But XDA forum has a nice list of Windows programs that have been recompiled to run on Windows RT.

Wine 3.0 boots into a full-screen Windows 7 interface with Start menu and all. Also, the present build isn’t bug-free — the graphics driver only supports full-screen desktop mode because of restrictions in the Android windows management API. It also has trouble with software keyboards right now, so you might also want to connect a Bluetooth keyboard for text input.



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