Our Team

Meet our elite team members :

Sabarinath S
Chief Editor
Founder and Editor-in-chief of TechLog360, who mainly publishes posts related to new technologies, gadgets and open-source world. His main hobbies are web designing, blogging, search engine optimization and making friends.
Avinash A
He shares new updates in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning universe. By the way, he is a Biotechnology Engineer.
Bhasker Dev
SEO Manager
He is our SEO Analyst and manages whole promotion. He is responsible for our website's visibility in all online social platform and search engines.
Sumith Sudeshan
Currently working as a freelance author for many popular websites posts news related to new inventions and start-ups.
Nethra Gupta
A python programmer and Android developer keep tabs on latest changes in the programming world.
Jennifer Andreson
Security expert and a great Python programmer who likes to travel a lot and explore new places. She posts articles related to online privacy and security.
Adwaith S
Mechanical Engineer posts article related to latest gadgets leaks
Vishak V
He posts article related to Android customization and app reviews
Anusha A
Proof Reader
She is the proof reader of the group — corrects errors in our our posts before publishing them.

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