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Monitor Buying Guide

Monitor Buying Guide: Buy The Best Monitor For Your Setup

The monitor is an essential component for anyone who spends a significant amount of time in front of a computer, not only for the eyes' well-being but also to find work more enjoyable. Since...
Prank Apps For Android

Prank Apps: 12 Best Android Apps To Play Pranks On Your Friends

If you're looking for a new way to have fun, why not try pranking your friends with Android prank apps? Currently, the way of making pranks has become more innovative by having applications that carry...
Best open-source Android apps

20 Best Open-Source Android Apps With Source Code For Developers To Practice

Most of us used to aware of open-source software available for pc — mainly Linux, but we forget about another major platform — smartphones. And in this article, we are discussing some of the...
Anime Based Games

Best Anime Based Games For Android And iOS

Anime has become very popular. If you are an anime lover and want to play your favourite characters on your phone or tablet, here is a list of the best anime based games available...
Unique Android Launcher

14 Best Free Unique Launchers For Android (Updated 2022)

Who doesn't love to customize their Android smartphone and make it look more beautiful and elegant? Android is a highly flexible and customizable mobile platform, and ideas for customization are endless.One such kind of...
Track Expenses-Best Budgeting Apps For Android

10 Best Budgeting Apps For Android To Track Expenses

Getting your finances on track isn't as easy as it looks. But in the modern world, with the help of your smartphone, managing personal finance became easy. Now we have a lot of the...
secure and privacy-focused linux distributions

9 Best Security-Centric Linux Distributions For Privacy Protection In 2023

Security-centric Linux distributions are now going to be more essential than before because online privacy protection is one of the important problems our generation facing today.Since many popular operating systems which we trust with our data and...
Google Maps Hacks

Useful Google Maps Features: 20 Best Google Maps Hacks To Become Master Of Navigation

Google Maps is one of the best feature-rich navigation apps available for Android and iPhone. From everyday use to work and overseas trips, there is not a day that doesn't go without Google Maps. In...