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free services to share large files over internet

10 Best free services to send large files over the internet in 2021

What you do when someone asks you to send large files over the internet? When I say large files, I mean files sized 100MB or 1GB or even 4GB.Since most of the existing...
Best lightweight Android Apps

25 Best Lite Android Apps To Save Your Data And Battery (Updated 2021)

Does your favorite app eat your data, slowing your smartphone or draining your battery? Then why don't you try some lite Android apps for tasks like social networking, managing emails, browsing, etc...Most of the popular Android apps...
Best Android Hacks And Tweaks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone

16 Best Android Tweaks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone (Updated 2021)

Rooting our smartphone is the first thing that came to our mind when we plan to implement some best Android tweaks and hacks.Rooting Android smartphone gives us extra administrative privileges to tweak Android smartphone. Mostly we...

20 Best Challenging And Hard Android Games You Should Try In 2021

Get ready to get frustrated because you are going to play some really hard Android games on your device.Challenging and hard Android games are always been favorite for all of us. Because who doesn't like challenges...
Best Android Hacking Apps And Tools

Selected 40 Best Android Hacking Apps And Tools (Updated 2021)

Best Android hacking apps — one of the most searched queries in Google.Nowadays every geek wants to tweak their Android smartphone into a hacking device. But most of them don't know where to start, what to...
Best Lightweight Linux Distributions

25 Best Lightweight Linux Distros To Reinvigorate Old Computers In 2021

Did you know, there are plenty of lightweight Linux distributions to power-up your old computer or laptop — Then why you still using old outdated operating systems like Windows XP?Are you owning an old...
Best free Android VPN apps

10 Best Free Android VPN Apps For Your Smartphone In 2021

There is a vast number of Android VPN apps available on Google Play to choose from, but how to find the best one. A perfect VPN for Android which is 100% free and no...
Simple Hacks To Save Battery Life In Android Smartphones

15 Ways To Save Battery Life On Android Smartphones In 2021

Are you struggling to save battery life on Android devices?All of us hate frequent charging. Battery backup always matters now when we plan to buy our new smartphone.Lots of Android smartphones are out there...