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Here you will get best customization ideas to tweak Android devices to make them much better in looks and performance.

Simple Hacks To Save Battery Life In Android Smartphones

15 Ways To Save Battery Life On Android Smartphones In 2022

Are you struggling to save battery life on Android devices?All of us hate frequent charging. Battery backup always matters now when we plan to buy our new smartphone.Lots of Android smartphones are out there...
Android browsers for different needs

5 Best Android Browsers For Your Different Needs

There is a handful of choices for the best Android browsers available on Google Play, but most are using Google Chrome as the default Android browser.According to reports, about 60% of mobile users are...
Unique Android Launcher

18 Best free unique Launchers for Android (updated 2022)

Who doesn't love to customize their Android smartphone and make it look more beautiful and elegant? Android is a highly flexible and customizable mobile platform and ideas of customization are endless.One such kind of...
automatic wallpaper changer apps for Android

10 Best Automatic Wallpaper Changer Apps For Android In 2022

Why use the same wallpaper all day on your Android home screen and lock screen when you have options to change it automatically every seconds or minutes or hours with automatic wallpaper changer apps.Your...
Install Google Chrome extensions on Android

How To Install Google Chrome Extensions And Firefox Extensions On Android Browser

What if I say, now you can easily install Google Chrome extensions and Firefox extensions on Android browser.We all love Google Chrome — despite being a RAM eater, we all installed and use Google...
Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

15+ Best Wallpaper Apps For Android [Updated 2022]

There is no doubt that one of the great advantages that Android has since its inception is its customization options, and personalization is something that users with an Android smartphone value a lot. And...
Send Files Between Android And iOS

Best Apps To Send Files Between Android And iOS In 2022

Android and iOS are great in terms of features and usability. However, it is quite a difficult task for novice users to send files between Android and iOS. In the article, we will introduce...
Disable And Delete Location History On Google Maps

How To Disable And Delete Location History On Google Maps And Increase Your Privacy

It's no secret that Google tracks your every move. The Google Maps app, by default, makes records of all the places you've ever been with your smartphone. Google Maps location history — also known...