16 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android [Updated 2024]

There is no doubt that one of the great advantages that Android has since its inception is its customization options, and personalization is something that users with an Android smartphone value a lot. And when it comes to tweaking your smartphone, using wallpaper apps for Android, without a doubt, is one of the elements that most users consider the easiest customization option that they can do to their phone initially.

Wallpaper apps for Android give a unique look to both the home screen and lock screen of our smartphones and highlight their individuality. In the Google Play Store, we have many Android wallpaper apps that help us customize their appearance in a simple way.

So most of the time, users get confused while choosing the right wallpaper apps for Android. Luckily, there are usually some apps within this category that stand out above others. And to make your task easier, we have selected the best free wallpaper apps for Android to customize your smartphone.

These listed Android wallpaper apps have a wide variety of options and features, and also the quality of the images is top-notch. Yeah, we choose the best ones for you.

Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

1. Tapet

Tapet is a somewhat unique wallpaper app for Android. Tapet offers Android wallpapers in Material Design style. It does not download wallpapers from the internet, but generates them directly on your device using clever algorithms. The database is large, but there are no categories or topics. Instead, the user chooses his favorite colors and pattern of the picture, and the service generates random wallpapers specifically for him.

Also, Tapet is one of the best automatic wallpaper changer apps for Android. You can also customize the application so that new wallpapers appear at regular intervals. In addition, Tapet automatically detects the screen resolution of your smartphone and adjusts the picture.

2. Wallpapers by Google

Did you know that Google has its own wallpaper app? The official Google wallpaper app for Android allows you to select your own photos or an image from the collection of Google Earth, Google+ and tons of third-party sources. You can set separate wallpapers for the home screen and the lock screen right from the app. Wallpaper types are divided into categories like landscapes, city views, abstraction, geometric shapes, and so on.

3. Resplash

Resplash is powered by the renowned image search service Unsplash.com. This Android wallpaper app contains more than 1,200,000 HD photos and is constantly updated with new snapshots. The app also has a stylish minimalistic interface with dark and light themes to choose from. Among other options, Resplash allows you to set a random background that changes automatically from time to time. In addition, it also allows you to download raw photos and check the photographer’s profile and EXIF ​​data for the image.

4. Muzei Live Wallpaper

For those users looking for animated wallpapers for Android, Muzei Live Wallpaper is one of the best options to choose. The app gently refreshes your home screen each day with famous works of art. It also offers you the ability to blur or dim them so that the icons and widgets look better. Alternatively, you can choose your favorite photos from your own gallery or other apps to use on your home screen.

Besides the vast collection of both live and regular wallpapers, the fact that Muzei Live Wallpaper is an open-source Android application — may be important to some users. And there is also support for devices running Android Wear.

5. Walli

Walli wallpapers are really good to have a unique vibe which made them get featured on Google Pixel devices. It is a creative wallpapers app, created to make sure users always have a cool wallpaper at hand. In Walli, you can easily find inspiring and beautiful wallpapers that will make you happy and feel great every time you pick up your phone.

Walli also has a selective and uniquely creative community of artists around the world. It has a feature called automatic wallpaper change where you just have to select the images that you like, press PLAY, and your wallpaper will shuffle automatically at a frequency you set. Walli comes with 3 days trial period, and then you will have to pay a certain amount to enjoy the wallpapers

6. Abstruct

Abstruct is the official wallpaper app made by Hampus Olsson who is an award-winning OnePlus wallpaper artist. All wallpapers in this app are in 4K resolution. All the official OnePlus wallpapers made by Hampus Olsson are available in it.

The app has a modern design with features like saving your favourite wallpapers in one place, making it easy to change between those favourite wallpapers. All the HD backgrounds currently available in the app are not completely free; only a certain portion is free. The rest of it is paid.

7. Kappboom

Kappboom offers the best wallpapers for Android devices with over 200,000 beautiful and cool collections. The best thing about this app is that it is memory-optimized, making it smooth and fast. 

This is one of the best Android wallpaper apps that supports Android Wear. Now the user can send any wallpaper to their smartwatch by tapping on the watch icon in fullscreen mode. Live Wallpapers are also available. A problem with Kappboom is that it shows ads while downloading wallpaper, and it doesn’t show full-screen previews before downloading.

8. Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD is one of the wallpaper apps with the most review count, more than 2.4 million users gave ratings of 4.5+ out of 5.0 and wrote good reviews, and it has a download count of more than 120 million. The app uploads new backgrounds every day. Also, you can set live clocks and videos as background using this app. 

Users can set up a profile and let other users from all over the world know about their taste and communicate with the users with the same taste using comments and messages. You can even upload your self-made images and videos and sell them on the paid version of the app.


ZEDGE is one of the oldest and a different app that provides the best wallpapers and really good ringtones for free. It offers millions of free wallpapers, video backgrounds, ringtones and notification sounds for your Android phone. It is one of the most downloaded wallpaper apps with more than 350 million installs.

It has an endless selection of free backgrounds suited for all the screen sizes, also supports full HD wallpaper and 4K wallpaper and also the background for smaller screens. Users can also customize the background with cool filters and stickers.

10. LitWallz

LitWallz is a free wallpaper app for Android which comes with a large collection of HD, 4K and live wallpapers. Wallpapers are updated daily in this app. The interface of the app is very clean and minimal. Along with the normal wallpapers, you can also find live wallpapers in this app.

11. AmoledPix

AmoledPix is the best app to find high-quality AMOLED wallpapers for your phone. AmoledPix gets updated with new wallpapers each and every single day, which makes the app look fresh every time you open it. The black AMOLED wallpapers available in this app not only makes your phone screen look pleasing but also help you to save phone battery bars.

In AmoledPix, wallpapers are available in 4k quality. Most of the true black wallpapers available in the app come with deep dark blacks, which will switch off the screen pixels when applied on an AMOLED panel, which will help in saving a lot of power. It also has the feature of automatic wallpaper change; you can choose from the various settings available to change frequency and how to change wallpapers.

12. Backdrops 

Backdrops is one of the most popular wallpaper apps for Android, featuring collections that show photography or vector art original wallpapers created by the Backdrops team themselves. Its list is updated daily by artists and its community. You can also share your own pieces of work or photography.

There is a certain section where the app showcase newly created Backdrops, or just some of the user’s favourites. Create a collection of your favourite wallpapers by liking the wallpaper on the list. You can sign in with your Google account to sync your collection of favourite wallpapers and access it on multiple devices.

13. Sphaera

Sphaera is a unique wallpaper app that generates wallpapers based on your locations around the world. Just set your location and select your favourite style from the collection to get the best scenic map wallpaper based on your location. Sphaera has a cartogram kind of style gallery, which is updated constantly with new gradients and a variety of vibrant colours and themes from which you can choose that caught your eye.

Sphaera also works well with mostly all the custom launchers available and all of the wallpapers available in it fit perfectly well on any HD or Full HD screen size. It also has a collection of live map wallpapers. Sphaera also has a category of wallpapers for AMOLED and OLED panels which will help you save some battery if you have a phone with those panels. With a one-time purchase, this application will let you enjoy no-ads and unlimited download experience.

14. STOKiE

STOKiE is an Android wallpaper app that has a collection of stock wallpaper provided on devices by manufacturers. The app lets you develop upon those wallpapers by allowing you to select an image and customize its looks by brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, level of blur, and RGB alteration. You can also maintain the aesthetic of the wallpaper while making it your own. The app also lets you create gradient-style wallpapers.

15. Unusual Wallpapers

Unusual Wallpapers has a collection of over 500+ vector-based designs with different varieties in well-organized categories made by the developer team. The latest wallpapers are added to the list every Wednesday and Sunday. It has a one-time charge and offers an ad-free experience with unlimited wallpaper downloads.

16. WallCandy

WallCandy has a catalog of over 5000+ artworks classified as wallpapers that are ideal for your lock screen. All the wallpapers will adapt to the user’s device no matter what the screen size is — even if it is a tablet or an old android phone or a flagship smartphone. 

It is another application that caters wallpapers to users with an AMOLED panel. Just like other applications mentioned in this list, WallCandy also offers a feature to change wallpapers automatically.

Hope you like the list of best Android wallpaper apps — soon, we will update this list with more modern, classy collections of wallpaper apps that will change the face of your smartphones.

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