Prank Apps For Android

If you’re looking for a new way to have fun, why not try pranking your friends with Android prank apps? 

Currently, the way of making pranks has become more innovative by having applications that carry out the mischief for you. Thse collection of Android apps allows you to play pranks on a co-worker, friend or family member at any time, regardless of whether it is April Fools’ Day or not — however, you must bear in mind that not everyone reacts in the same way.

That said, let’s move on to the list of best prank apps for Android that will help you have a fun time.

Best Prank Apps For Android:

1. Voice changer with effects

Changing your voice to pretend that you are someone else is nothing new. The good thing about using a voice changer on your mobile is that the effects are much better, and Voice changer with effects app is one such tool to change your voice with a distorter and apply different effects to it.

2. Ants on Screen

Ants on Screen allows you to display between 1 and 300 ants on screen. The app simulates that there are several ants running around your screen, even letting you choose the number of these insects there are and the speed at which they go. It may be a good idea to activate this application and leave your phone with someone. You can use this prank app either to prank your friends or as a relaxing foreground wallpaper.

3. Air Horn – Siren Sounds Prank

Air Horn turns your phone into the loudest, best quality air horn. The app can make loud sounds like a horn to give someone a little scare. It has several types of sounds, including a siren, a horn, a noisemaker or a clown horn, among others.

4. Hair Clipper Prank

Hair Clipper Prank app for Android gives the most realistic shaver simulation app that you can prank all your friends. The idea is that you approach the mobile, without being seen, to the head of the person whose hair you want to cut to make them believe that you are doing it. With realistic sounds and vibration, your friend will feel like he is getting a haircut.

5. Lie Detector Test Prank- Fingerprint Scanner

Lie Detector Test Prank simulates to test whether you are telling the truth or lying. You can use it to play lie detector games with your friends. At the same time, you control the result by pressing the volume key. The volume up key is truth, and the volume down key is lie, which makes it a perfect and one of the best prank apps for Android.

6. Fart Sound Board

Fart Sound Board guaranteed laughter with children and adults. The app has plenty of options, and different types of fart sounds recorded in high quality for realism.

7. Spider Filter Prank

Similar to that of ants on the screen, Spide Filter Prank is an app to play realistic pranks with the camera. To use it, you have to open the app and activate the camera, aim at your victim, and a series of realistic spiders will appear, crawling on their face.

8. Crack & Break it

Crack & Break it is designed to trick your friends by breaking your smartphone screen. It has 4 modes of use: Image Breaker, Glass Blocks, Light Bulb and Fluorescent Lamps. The first is the most famous and allows you to simulate that the screen of your mobile was broken with the touch of your finger.

9. Fake Chat Conversations

Fake Chat Conversations is a fake chat maker you can joke with your friends by creating fake chats and stories. It allows you to create a fake chat with a WhatsApp interface and change the role of people in the conversation. It is also possible to change the background image and take screenshots. 

10. Fake call

With Fake Call you can simulate an incoming call prank. In the app’s caller option, you can set up the name and number of the person who is calling you. The smarter way to make a prank is to schedule a call using the scheduling feature so your friends don’t suspect it was a deliberate act.

11. Empty Messages

Empty Messages is another simple Android prank app that helps you to surprise your friends by sending blank messages on Whatsapp, Messenger or any app. It will seem that you have sent something but that they cannot see it.

12. Hacker App

Hacker App is a fun hacking prank app for Android. With this app, you can make your friend or any person think that their mobile phone is hacked. Apart from that, the app also comes with many other fake prank options that look like real Android hacking tools, such as Wifi Password Hacker Prank, CTV Camera Prank, and Face Recognition Prank. The app also offers live hack wallpaper and cool hacking wallpaper for your smartphone.

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