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BLURtooth Blueetooth vulnerability

A Serious Bluetooth Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Make A Connection To Any Of Our...

BLURtooth is a new type of attack that uses a vulnerability in the most used wireless connection standard for mobiles — Bluetooth. Although the manufacturers and the organization behind the Bluetooth SIG...
WD Launches ArmorLock Encryption Platform

WD Launches ArmorLock Encryption Platform to Protect Local Data

The hard drive manufacturer Western Digital (WD) has presented its Armorlock platform — a new standard in data protection — which is marketed together with the external G-Technology SSDs. Armorlock is...
Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is now available for Android, although you may not be able to...

In February, Microsoft announced that its Microsoft Defender antivirus, previously known as Windows Defender, would reach iOS, Linux and Android devices throughout this year. And now, the new antivirus...
Documentaries About Hacking And Hackers

Is Your Info on the Dark Web? Here’s What You Need to Know

The dark web is a part of the internet that can’t be navigated with normal search engines. It isn’t indexed for search, and it requires a special browser to view. Not everything...
sad Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook fears a collapse in advertising revenue with iOS 14

The new version of the Apple operating system, iOS 14, brings with it a decisive change related to ads and privacy. With the update, Apple users can prevent their data from being...
Best anonymous browsers to protect online privacy

7 Best anonymous browsers to protect online privacy (Updated 2020)

Why should we consider start using anonymous browsers instead of regular ones? The answer is clear, today, when we are online nothing, is private, in fact, now online privacy...
Gmail news and stories

A major security bug made all Gmail and G Suite mailboxes vulnerable

On Wednesday, Google has patched a major security bug impacting the Gmail and G Suite email servers. The security researcher Allison Husain discovered and reported Google about the serious...
Android malware news

50 percent of cybercriminal activity target Android during the first half of 2020

Cyberattacks on mobiles are a trend that is going further and further. And during the first half of the year 2020, Android phones became the favorite target of cybercriminals.