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DDoS attack vector news and stories

Microsoft’s RDP Is Increasingly Used By DDoS Providers

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is actually used to connect several Windows computers with one another, but DDoS services abuse the protocol to carry out distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) on other services.According to the...
Brave Support IPFS

Brave 1.19: First Browser To Support IPFS, The Protocol For A Decentralized Web

Brave is the first browser with native support for the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol, a project that aims to make the web decentralized, a bit like the BitTorrent network.With version 1.19, the makers...
Google Assistant settings to disable to protect your privacy

5 Google Assistant settings to disable to protect your privacy

To protect your privacy when using Google Assistant, you need to follow these five tips: Google Assistant has evolved a lot in recent months and is one of the most advanced voice assistant available online...
Best anonymous browsers to protect online privacy

7 Best anonymous browsers to protect online privacy (Updated 2021)

Why should we consider start using anonymous browsers instead of regular ones?The answer is clear, today, when we are online nothing, is private, in fact, now online privacy is a joke and our private...

Facebook Filed Lawsuit Against Chrome Extensions Developers For Stealing Facebook User Profile Data

The Chrome extensions are again under fire for violations of user privacy. Once again, it is Facebook that takes action — Facebook Inc. and Facebook Ireland have sued two people in Portugal for stealing...
NTFS file system hdd

Windows 10 NTFS Vulnerability Corrupts Your Hard Drive With A Simple Hidden Command

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of a vulnerability in the Windows 10 NTFS file system that can corrupt hard drive data with a simple hidden command.The security researcher Jonas L. has already drawn attention...
enable fingerprint lock feature on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Backtracks: Delays Enforcement Of Privacy Terms After The Controversy

In a totally unexpected turn, WhatsApp has decided to backtrack and delays enforcement of privacy terms by 3 months.WhatsApp's original plan was for its new terms and conditions to start on February 8. However,...
Data protection

Why the protection of data is still an important thing for 2021?

In 2021, data protection has become one of the highest priorities in enterprise functioning. The recent SolarWinds hacking scandal showed that cybercriminals could use the source code of even such giants as Microsoft, which that previously...