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Signal Creator Hacked Cellebrite

Signal Creator Hacked FBI Forensics Tool

After the forensics software manufacturer Cellebrite falsely announced last year that it had figured out a way to access the secure messaging app Signal. It looks like now Signal has turned the tables.With a blog post, Signal...
WordPress Plugins Conflicts

Floc: WordPress Wants To Block Google’s Ad-Tracking Technology

The WordPress blog hosting project is extremely widespread and claims to be used on more than 40 percent of all websites on the internet. The development team now wants to take advantage of this...
Microsoft Edge Kids Mode

Microsoft Edge Launches Kids Mode To Customize A Safer Web Experience For Kids

Microsoft Edge launches a new feature designed for the little ones — Kids Mode — a mode designed for children to navigate the web safely.Since many children nowadays spend a lot more time online...
AppGallery Joker Malware

Joker Malware Infects Over Half A Million Huawei Smartphones

More than 500,000 Huawei smartphones have reportedly been infected with the Joker malware via appropriately manipulated apps from the manufacturer's own app store, the AppGallery, under EMUI 8 to 11.Joker malware is spyware that...

Clubhouse Suffers Massive Data Leak: 1.3 Million User Data Exposed

Clubhouse suffers a data breach that leaves more than a million user recordings scattered on the internet without any protection.According to Cybernews, an SQL database with 1.3 million scraped user data from Clubhouse has appeared...
Signal and MobileCoin

Signal Test Payments Feature By Integrating Support For Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrency

Signal continues on its quest for internet privacy. As part of a beta test, the encrypted messaging app now allows payments in its application by integrating support for a privacy-focused cryptocurrency.According to Wired, Signal will bring payments...
Apple privacy news

Apple Platform Security Guide Shows How It Protects Your Data

For Apple, "privacy is a fundamental and human right." Already in 2010, Steve Jobs, founder of the company, defended user privacy as a user right. Since then, Apple has provided an increasing level of...
Facebook news

Data Leak: Personal Data of 533 Million Facebook Users Offered In A Hacker Forum

A database with details on around 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries was offered in a hacker forum.Among the compromised information are mobile phone numbers, some emails, gender, occupation, city, country, and relationship...