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iPhone 13

Apple Device Analytics Includes The Identification Of iCloud User Data

A new report claims that Apple's device analytics contains information like how a device is used, its performance, features, etc., that can directly link device data to a specific user, despite Apple's claims that statistics are...
Zero Harm in Comms

Zero Harm in Comms: Ubisoft And Riot Games Partner To Detect Harmful Chat With...

Ubisoft and Riot Games have announced a partnership to share machine learning data and make it easier to detect harmful chats in multiplayer games.Ubisoft and Riot Games will investigate ways to build the technological basis for...
FakeCatcher Deepfake Detection Technology

FakeCatcher: Intel Introduces Deepfake Detection Technology With 96% Accuracy

Deepfakes can be created in such quality that they can be mistaken for the real thing. There have been many instances of misinformation, rumours and fraud spreading online. In response to this situation, Intel announced that it...
secure and privacy-focused linux distributions

9 Best Security-Centric Linux Distributions For Privacy Protection In 2023

Security-centric Linux distributions are now going to be more essential than before because online privacy protection is one of the important problems our generation facing today.Since many popular operating systems which we trust with our data and...
Emergency SOS Via Satellite

Emergency SOS Via Satellite For iPhone 14 Series Available In The US And Canada

One of the most exclusive innovations of the iPhone 14 was the Emergency SOS service, which lets you send messages to emergency services via satellite if the user is in a dangerous situation outside of cellular...
DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection

DuckDuckGo Brings App Tracking Protection To All Android Users

What percentage of your data do you believe is sent to third-party servers when you use an app? Whatever your response is, the reality is far worse. A' loophole' will always exist, even if...
Hackers countries They Live

Three Most Popular Ways to Hack Your Computer and How to Avoid Attacks

Regarding cybersecurity, the third decade of the twenty-first century is challenging. It began with Microsoft exposing over 250 million confidential user data online. The data leak gloomily preceded Microsoft's relation to the Solarwind hack, which potential damages...
Best Open Source Encrypted Messaging Android Apps

15 Best Open-Source Encrypted Messaging Android Apps For Privacy Concerned People (2022 List)

Nowadays almost every famous chat apps available for Android supports encrypted messaging. However, some of them are owned by tech giants like Facebook tends us to doubt the extent of the credibility of those apps...