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Brave Adds Firewall and VPN

Brave Adds Firewall + VPN Function To The Desktop Version

The Brave browser, known for its privacy-focused features, has recently added a Firewall + VPN function to its desktop version. The browser's latest version, 1.49, now provides a VPN service across all platforms, including Android, iOS,...
Screen Time Limits for Users Aged Under 18

TikTok Introduces Screen Time Limits for Users Aged Under 18

TikTok, the popular social media app known for its short-form videos, has introduced screen time controls to address concerns about teenage users' excessive screen time and its potential impact on mental health. The new default setting...
Google news and new stories

Google Paid Out a Record $12M as Bug Bounty Reward in 2022

Google has released the results of its Vulnerability Reward program, which rewards ethical hackers for bugs and vulnerabilities found in the company's products. In 2022 this figure reached a record — more than $12 million for more than...
OpenWallet Foundation

The Linux Foundation Announces the Launch of the OpenWallet Foundation to Strengthen Interoperability Between...

The European branch of the Linux Foundation recently announced the formation of the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF), a collaborative effort to promote interoperability between digital wallets through open-source software. The organization aims to develop and promote the...
Tools To Securely Delete Your Files And Make Them Impossible To Recover

13 Free Tools To Permanently Delete Files From Your PC And Make Them Impossible...

We always worried about compromising our personal data online, so we do all the necessary steps to protect our online accounts. But we forget to safeguard our system offline. In this article, we are...
Privacy Sandbox Beta for Android

Google Introduces Privacy Sandbox Beta for Android to Tackle User Behaviour Tracking

Google has released a beta version of its Privacy Sandbox for Android. The Privacy Sandbox has become a problem regarding user behaviour tracking by cookies, which are currently widely used on the web. It was invented...
OpenAi ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence-Powered ChatGPT Can Create Customized Viruses

OpenAI ChatGPT can create virus programs that target the individual characteristics of different operating systems and specific vulnerabilities, warns Roman Dremlyuga, Deputy Director for Development at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Technology of the Far...
Free VPN Services

6 Best Free VPN Services To Protect Your Privacy In 2023

Now everyone now wants to protect their internet privacy more than anything. and more people are looking for free VPN services nowadays, and it is one of the most searched queries on the internet.  There...