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Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab Discovered A SessionManager Backdoor That Hackers Used To Spy On Government Agencies...

Kaspersky Lab security experts discovered malicious malware that spied on the official websites of many government bodies and non-profit organizations throughout the world.According to the press release, the hidden SessionManager backdoor is present on 34...
Fraudsters Use Deepfakes

FBI: Fraudsters Use Deepfakes And Stolen Personal Data To Get Remote IT Jobs

According to FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the number of complaints about the use of deepfake technology in online interviews when hiring remote employees, as well as attempts to steal personal information, has increased significantly...
Android malware and adware news

Over 200 Apps In Google Play Infected With Facestealer Spyware Can Steal Your Facebook...

Facestealer, a dangerous spyware, is back on the Google Play Store. Detected by Trend Micro researchers, the malware managed to infect 200 apps available on Google Play by bypassing security measures.Facestealer is focused on extracting the...
Microsoft news and stories security

Microsoft Prevented Russian Cyberattacks On Ukraine

Microsoft managed to neutralize cyberattacks against Ukrainian targets executed by the Russian hacker group — knocking out seven domains used as the basis of the attack infrastructure. Microsoft claims to have documented cyberattacks by a group of...
Government Authorities arrested cybercriminal

Hydra Market: German Authorities Shut Down The World’s Largest Marketplace On The Dark Web

According to German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the world's largest marketplace on the dark web, the Russian-language Hydra Market, has been completely shut down. During the operation, the German authorities were able to seize 543...
online user data leak

Apple And Meta Shared Their Users’ Data With Hackers Posing As Government Officials

Hackers related to the Lapsus$ group would have pretended to be government officials to request private data from Meta and Apple. According to Bloomberg, Apple and Meta were leaking user information to attackers who spoofed...
The world of hacker and hacking and cyber space

Lapsus$ Mastermind: 16-Year-Old Teenager Is Said To Have Hacked Microsoft, Nvidia And Samsung

A British teenager may be behind the Lapsus$ ransomware group, which made headlines for hacking and then releasing internal data from well-known companies.As reported by Bloomberg, the criminal mind behind Lapsus$ is a 16-year-old teenager...
Anonymous collective news and stories

Anonymous Sides With Ukraine And Declares War On Russian Government

The hacker collective Anonymous announces cyberattacks against the Russian government in response to the invasion of Ukraine.The hacker collective announced on Thursday evening that they are now "in a cyberwar with Russia."The Anonymous collective...