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WhatsApp data Leak

Phone Numbers Of Almost 500 Million WhatsApp Users Worldwide Is Up For Sale

After recent massive Facebook data leak now, WhatsApp suffered a security breach — a message from an anonymous seller appeared on the internet about the sale of phone numbers to nearly 500 million WhatsApp users from...
User Data Using Fake VPNs

Hackers Can Easily Access User Data Using Fake VPNs

Cybercriminals are currently distributing malicious spyware apps via fake VPN websites. These pages are not affiliated with legitimate, cross-platform VPN software and services. ESET researchers have identified this ongoing campaign targeting Android users and...
PyPI Packages

Dozens Of PyPI Packages With Info-Stealing Malware “W4SP” Were Found

PyPI, or the Python Package Index, is a massive collection of code and applications produced in the Python programming language. As with all large repositories of applications and code, a few bad apples sneak...
thermal attacks by security researchers

Heat Is The New Weapon For Hackers To Crack Your Passwords

Here is a new technique that should please hackers. It is possible to guess the password entered on a computer, smartphone and even an ATM. How? By analyzing the residues of heat left by...
Intel Alder Lake BIOS

Intel Alder Lake BIOS Source Code Leaked

A file that is considered to be the source code related to BIOS compatible with Intel's 12th generation Core series CPU, known by the codename "Alder Lake", leaked to 4Chan and GitHub. The 6GB file...
Facebook Logins Were Stolen By Fraudulent Apps

Facebook Gives Notice To 1 Million Users: Their Logins Were Stolen By Fraudulent Apps

Meta announced on October 7 that it had asked Apple and Google to remove more than 400 apps that abuse the "login with Facebook account" function from their official app stores.Meta has shared a post stating...
First PlayStation 5 Jailbreak

First PlayStation 5 Jailbreak Seems To Be Available In The Pirate Circuits

A limited but working jailbreak for PlayStation 5 hardware has been reportedly released, potentially allowing you to get root rights and access to pirated content.The first PlayStation 5 jailbreak makes it possible to run...
GTA 6 Gameplay Leaked

Over 90 Early Footage Videos Of GTA 6 Gameplay Leaked Online

You may be witnessing a historical dump of media that has surfaced online, containing hours of leaked footage from the pre-release build of the first GTA 6. Until now next entry in the Grand Theft...