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Security Researchers Discover 55 Vulnerabilities On Apple Network

Apple Sues NSO Group: Creators Of Pegasus For Spying On iOS Users

Apple has filed a lawsuit against NSO Group — the company responsible for the Pegasus spyware that has generated so much controversy in various countries. Apple accuses the Israeli company of illegal surveillance of a number of iOS users using...
Android malware and adware news

GriftHorse Android Malware Distributed Through Play Store Infected Over 10 Million Devices

The Zimperium zLabs security team has discovered a new dangerous Android malware, named GriftHorse, that has already affected 10 million devices in 70 countries around the world. GriftHorse, a Trojan found in applications that appeared to be...
Microsoft's Windows Subsystem For Linux

Security Experts Discovered Malware Intended For Windows Subsystem For Linux

Lumen's Black Lotus Labs, which specialize in network security, report on their blog about malware that was written in Python and created as a Linux ELF binary. What makes it special is that this malware is...
Malware attack news and stories

Microsoft Found That ZLoader Malware Now Uses Google Ads To Reach Its Victims

ZLoader, originally a banking Trojan that has evolved into ransomware malware, has expanded its capabilities even further and may hide in malicious Google ads.Microsoft found that the ZLoader malware no longer relies on emails...
Gigabyte news and stories

Gigabyte Ransomware Attack Leaked Confidential Documents Of Intel And AMD

Taiwanese PC and hardware manufacturer Gigabyte has suffered a ransomware attack, and hackers behind this attack claim to have copied more than 100 GB of data — including confidential documents from Intel and AMD...

Massive Clubhouse Leak: 3.8 Billion Phone Numbers Are For Sale On The Darknet

Apparently, an attacker was able to gain access to all telephone numbers that were registered with the Clubhouse app — the application that has grown the most in recent months due to its popularity...
Spyware news and stories

Pegasus Spyware Has Infected 50,000 Mobile Phones Of Journalists And Activists Around The World

Pegasus is once again at the forefront of the controversy. Last time we heard 36 employees of Al Jazeera TV, as well as a London-based Al Araby TV journalist, have been spied by bypassing...
Google Play News and Stories

Uninstall These Apps Now: Google Removes 9 Apps For Stealing Facebook Passwords

Google has removed nine apps from the Play Store after they were found to steal users' Facebook passwords. These nine applications — added about 6 million downloads in the Google Play Store — hid...