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iPhone jailbreak news

Hackers Managed To Jailbreak Practically All Modern iPhones

In recent years, the 'jailbreak' has lost importance for many reasons. Apple has pursued this practice and countered it with new versions of iOS that are harder to hack. That does not mean that...
Apple M1

Malware Designed For Apple M1: First Native Application With Malicious Code Surfaced

It looks like Apple's first proprietary processor for MacBooks, the M1 chip, got its first malware application written to run natively on SoC.Patrick Wardle, an independent cybersecurity researcher and developer of free security tools analyzed what...
PC Gamers Are Abandoning Cyberpunk 2077

Hackers Running An Auction: Cyberpunk 2077 Source Code Costs $7 Million

It looks like hackers aren't bluffing. After the cyberattack on CD Projekt, hackers have put on an auction for stolen source code of games developed by the Polish studio.In the auction, the starting bid...
CD Projekt Red news and stories

Cyberpunk 2077 Developer CD Projekt Red Suffers A Cyberattack With A Massive Data Theft

Polish development studio CD Projekt Red has announced that it has suffered a cyberattack that has resulted in large data theft.The hackers have succeeded in compromising the company's servers and accessing data from Cyberpunk...
Summit - powerful supercomputer on the planet

Kobalos: Unique Multiplatform Malware Threatens Supercomputers Around The World

After analyzing attacks against several large supercomputers in Asia and America, ESET security researchers warn of a new type of malware directed especially against supercomputers.The new malware has been called "Kobalos," and that was no accident....
Android WhatsApp Worm

Android WhatsApp Worm: This Malware Is Spreading Through WhatsApp Network Automatically

One of the latest attacks on Android comes from WhatsApp, a virus that is capable of spreading automatically from WhatsApp itself.The Android WhatsApp worm has been discovered by ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko, who claims...
DDoS attack vector news and stories

Microsoft’s RDP Is Increasingly Used By DDoS Providers

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is actually used to connect several Windows computers with one another, but DDoS services abuse the protocol to carry out distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) on other services.According to the...

Facebook Filed Lawsuit Against Chrome Extensions Developers For Stealing Facebook User Profile Data

The Chrome extensions are again under fire for violations of user privacy. Once again, it is Facebook that takes action — Facebook Inc. and Facebook Ireland have sued two people in Portugal for stealing...