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Apple Safari browser news

A Vulnerability In Apple’s Safari Leaks Visited Websites And User IDs

Researchers have found a vulnerability in Apple's Safari 15 browser, which allows websites to spy on browsing activity or other personal information. The anomalous behavior was identified by FingerpintJS, a browser fingerprinting service.The problem lies...
Log4j Log4Shell vulnerabilit

Log4Shell: Log4j Vulnerability Threatens Cybersecurity Worldwide

The recently discovered vulnerability known as Log4Shell is currently causing chaos on the internet, as cyber defenders try to fix the flaw while cybercriminals try to exploit its weaknesses and steal information.The Log4Shell vulnerability...
Microsoft's Windows Subsystem For Linux

Security Experts Discovered Malware Intended For Windows Subsystem For Linux

Lumen's Black Lotus Labs, which specialize in network security, report on their blog about malware that was written in Python and created as a Linux ELF binary. What makes it special is that this malware is...
BrakTooth Vulnerabilities

BrakTooth Vulnerabilities In Various Bluetooth SoCs Put Billions Of Devices At Risk

Security researchers at the Singapore University of Technology and Design have found 16 security flaws in commercially used Bluetooth stack implementations, which they summarize under the name "Braktooth". According to researchers, these vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth Classic...
essential Android apps for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp Vulnerability Allowed Attackers To Access Users’ Private Data From The Application Memory

WhatsApp was affected by a security vulnerability that allowed attackers to access users' private data through the application's memory.According to the cybersecurity firm Check Point Research (CPR), WhatsApp was affected by a vulnerability that, if exploited,...
Get More Space on iPhone

iOS Bug Disables Wi-Fi On iPhones When You Join Hotspot With A Specific Network...

A new iOS bug has been discovered that completely blocks the Wi-Fi on iPhones if it joins a network with a very specific network name. The problem will force the user to have to...

M1RACLES: Asahi Linux Developer Discovered A Design Flaw In Apple M1 Chip

During reverse engineering for the Linux port, Asahi Linux developer Hector Martin has found a design flaw in the Apple Silicon M1 chip that can be exploited to allow different applications to communicate discreetly with each...
WLAN news and stories

Design Flaws In WLAN Protocol Make The Majority Of Devices Vulnerable

With the so-called Fragattacks (Fragmentation and Aggregation Attacks), the security researcher Mathy Vanhoef, known for his work on Krack Attack, has again presented a series of design errors in WLAN protocols that can be exploited for attacks...