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Signal Creator Hacked Cellebrite

Signal Creator Hacked FBI Forensics Tool

After the forensics software manufacturer Cellebrite falsely announced last year that it had figured out a way to access the secure messaging app Signal. It looks like now Signal has turned the tables.With a blog post, Signal...
Linux rootkit and hacking news

Hackers Took Advantage Of 11 Zero Days In The Past Year

A particularly threatening group of hackers took advantage of 11 zero-days in the past year, i.e., security gaps that were not known at the time and therefore not patched. The operating systems Windows, Android,...
iPhone jailbreak news

Hackers Managed To Jailbreak Practically All Modern iPhones

In recent years, the 'jailbreak' has lost importance for many reasons. Apple has pursued this practice and countered it with new versions of iOS that are harder to hack. That does not mean that...
Best anonymous browsers to protect online privacy

Tor Mode On Brave Browser Exposed Onion Addresses In DNS Traffic

In addition to an incognito mode, the Brave browser also includes a Tor mode with which the anonymization service of the same name can be used directly from Brave. Brave advertises this with "real...
Summit - powerful supercomputer on the planet

Kobalos: Unique Multiplatform Malware Threatens Supercomputers Around The World

After analyzing attacks against several large supercomputers in Asia and America, ESET security researchers warn of a new type of malware directed especially against supercomputers.The new malware has been called "Kobalos," and that was no accident....
NTFS file system hdd

Windows 10 NTFS Vulnerability Corrupts Your Hard Drive With A Simple Hidden Command

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of a vulnerability in the Windows 10 NTFS file system that can corrupt hard drive data with a simple hidden command.The security researcher Jonas L. has already drawn attention...
Nvidia Graphics Driver

Nvidia Graphics Driver Vulnerabilities Allow Hackers To Spy On Your PC

Nvidia has released new drivers for its graphics cards, which fix several security problems that open the doors to a potential attacker.The company confirmed that the latest driver update actually covers six security holes...
Pegasus Virus Kismet iOS Vulnerability

Pegasus Virus: 36 Al Jazeera Journalists Have Been Spied Through Kismet iOS Vulnerability

According to an investigation by Citizen Lab, from the University of Toronto, Canada — at least 36 employees of Al Jazeera TV as well as a London-based Al Araby TV journalist would have been spied by...