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NTFS file system hdd

Windows 10 NTFS Vulnerability Corrupts Your Hard Drive With A Simple Hidden Command

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of a vulnerability in the Windows 10 NTFS file system that can corrupt hard drive data with a simple hidden command.The security researcher Jonas L. has already drawn attention...
Nvidia Graphics Driver

Nvidia Graphics Driver Vulnerabilities Allow Hackers To Spy On Your PC

Nvidia has released new drivers for its graphics cards, which fix several security problems that open the doors to a potential attacker.The company confirmed that the latest driver update actually covers six security holes...
Pegasus Virus Kismet iOS Vulnerability

Pegasus Virus: 36 Al Jazeera Journalists Have Been Spied Through Kismet iOS Vulnerability

According to an investigation by Citizen Lab, from the University of Toronto, Canada — at least 36 employees of Al Jazeera TV as well as a London-based Al Araby TV journalist would have been spied by...
Google Play Store news and stories

Many Apps In Google Play Are Vulnerable To A Critical Bug In The Play...

The security experts from Check Point has warned that developers of many popular Android applications forgot to update one important library and are now vulnerable to attacks.According to Check Point, about 8 percent of apps in...
iOS Vulnerability Allow Hackers To Take Control Any iPhone Over Wi-Fi

iOS Vulnerability Allow Hackers To Take Control Any iPhone Over Wi-Fi

Google Project Zero expert Ian Beer has demonstrated an exploit to hack iOS devices over Wi-Fi. The serious iOS vulnerability enables cybercriminals to bypass all the barriers imposed by Apple, to take control of any iPhone...
iOS 9

Apple Fixes Three Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In iOS and macOS

Apple has fixed three critical zero-day vulnerabilities for iOS and macOS, which have already been actively exploited for attacks, through updates.The vulnerabilities were discovered by Google's Project Zero and the company's Threat Analysis Group...
Google Chrome Malware news and stories

Google Fixed Second Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability In Two Weeks

Google developers have released Chrome version 86.0.4240.183, patching another zero-day that has already been actively exploited. Overall, Update fixes ten different security holes in Chrome for Mac, Windows, and Linux.The bug was identified as...
Windows news and stories

Google Project Zero Team Discovered A Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability

Security researchers from the Google Project Zero team have identified a zero-day vulnerability in the Windows kernel that appears to be actively exploited.The zero-day vulnerability, identified by code CVE-2020-17087, was exploited as part of...