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BLURtooth Blueetooth vulnerability

A Serious Bluetooth Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Make A Connection To Any Of Our...

BLURtooth is a new type of attack that uses a vulnerability in the most used wireless connection standard for mobiles — Bluetooth. Although the manufacturers and the organization behind the Bluetooth SIG...
Gmail news and stories

A major security bug made all Gmail and G Suite mailboxes vulnerable

On Wednesday, Google has patched a major security bug impacting the Gmail and G Suite email servers. The security researcher Allison Husain discovered and reported Google about the serious...
Amazon Echo Dot Alexa

Amazon Alexa security flaw allows hackers to take control of voice history and acquire...

After identifying 400 vulnerabilities affecting Qualcomm chipsets present on millions of Android smartphones, researchers at Check Point have discovered some dangerous vulnerabilities present on Amazon Alexa. Researchers have identified...
Qualcomm Snapdragon news and stories

Millions of smartphones with Snapdragon chips are vulnerable

The security company Checkpoint claims to have discovered more than 400 security holes in the digital signal processor (DSP) of Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips, and hundreds of millions of devices are said to be affected.
Fast chargers can be hacked to make your phone go up in flames

Fast chargers can be hacked to make your phone go up in flames

Nowadays, almost every smartphone is bundled with fast chargers, and they are increasingly popular in markets.  And now Chinese researchers at the Xuanwu Lab, owned by Tencent, have discovered...
android stories

This newly discovered banking malware on Android can empty your bank account

ThreatFabric analysts have discovered a new banking malware dubbed BlackRock capable of stealing card details and passwords. According to researchers, BlackRock is an extremely dangerous malware that can silently...
input of a login and the password

Microsoft fixes 17-year-old critical ‘wormable’ vulnerability in Windows DNS Server

Microsoft has discovered and patched a 17-year-old severe and problematic vulnerability in Windows DNS servers. The vulnerability, dubbed 'SigRed' — discovered by Check Point researchers — allowed attackers to crafted malicious...
Android malware news

11 apps infected with Joker malware has removed from Google Play

Check Point researchers have found 11 dangerous applications that hide the Joker malware, which can steal money and user data. Joker — one of the most widespread malware on...