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iOS Bug Disables Wi-Fi On iPhones When You Join Hotspot With A Specific Network...

A new iOS bug has been discovered that completely blocks the Wi-Fi on iPhones if it joins a network with a very specific network name. The problem will force the user to have to...

M1RACLES: Asahi Linux Developer Discovered A Design Flaw In Apple M1 Chip

During reverse engineering for the Linux port, Asahi Linux developer Hector Martin has found a design flaw in the Apple Silicon M1 chip that can be exploited to allow different applications to communicate discreetly with each...
WLAN news and stories

Design Flaws In WLAN Protocol Make The Majority Of Devices Vulnerable

With the so-called Fragattacks (Fragmentation and Aggregation Attacks), the security researcher Mathy Vanhoef, known for his work on Krack Attack, has again presented a series of design errors in WLAN protocols that can be exploited for attacks...
Qualcomm Modem vulnerability

A Flaw in Qualcomm Modem Makes 30% Of Android Phones Vulnerable

The Israeli security firm Check Point Research has discovered a vulnerability in Qualcomm's MSM (Mobile Station Modem) that affects millions of Android phones around the world.The firm claims that MSM is an integral part...
Spectre Is Back

Spectre Is Back: Side-Channel Attacks On AMD Ryzen And Intel Core Is Possible

It has been three years since the microprocessor industry first had to deal with the existence of the Specter attack. Over time, many variants of Spectre have emerged, mitigated by existing patches or new fixes.But now,...
Signal Creator Hacked Cellebrite

Signal Creator Hacked FBI Forensics Tool

After the forensics software manufacturer Cellebrite falsely announced last year that it had figured out a way to access the secure messaging app Signal. It looks like now Signal has turned the tables.With a blog post, Signal...
Linux rootkit and hacking news

Hackers Took Advantage Of 11 Zero Days In The Past Year

A particularly threatening group of hackers took advantage of 11 zero-days in the past year, i.e., security gaps that were not known at the time and therefore not patched. The operating systems Windows, Android,...
iPhone jailbreak news

Hackers Managed To Jailbreak Practically All Modern iPhones

In recent years, the 'jailbreak' has lost importance for many reasons. Apple has pursued this practice and countered it with new versions of iOS that are harder to hack. That does not mean that...