AMD Confirms Critical Problem With Adrenalin 23.2.1 WHQL Driver For Radeon RX 7900 And Older Video Cards

AMD has confirmed the existence of a significant issue with their Adrenalin 23.2.1 WHQL driver for Radeon RX 7900, Radeon RX 6000, and earlier video cards. When some users pick the “Restoring factory settings” option after installing the driver, their operating systems fail to load.

Users began complaining about the issue when the driver was released in mid-February. Nevertheless, AMD did not recognise the problem for long and did not respond to the situation. Ultimately, PCWorld obtained a response from AMD, which stated that the issue is recognised and that the firm is working to remedy it as soon as possible.

After installing the Adrenalin 23.2.1 WHQL driver, AMD recommended that customers not pick the “Restore Factory Settings” option. Before installing the driver, be sure that the operating system is not in the process of being updated. If the operating system is upgrading, waiting for it to finish is best.

If consumers discover an issue with their operating system after installing the driver, PCWorld recommends attempting other solutions before reinstalling it. Examples are creating a Windows restore point before installing the driver or executing the Windows Integrity Repair tool straight during the boot process.

The Adrenalin 23.2.1 WHQL driver problem can result in a blue screen of death and the destruction of Windows, necessitating a reinstallation of the operating system. To avoid this problem, it is critical to follow AMD’s advice.

Bhasker Das
Bhasker Das
Bhasker Das, with a master's in Cybersecurity, is a seasoned editor focusing on online security, privacy, and protection. When not decrypting the complexities of the cyber world, Anu indulges in his passion for chess, seeing parallels in strategy and foresight.


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