FIFA 22 cover

FIFA 22 Could Be The Last Game In EA’s FIFA Franchise

With the release of FIFA 22, Electronic Arts (EA) license agreement with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) would be coming to an end. Probably, FIFA 22 could be EA's last FIFA title."As...
play hidden built-in Google games

How to play hidden built-in Google games available on your Android smartphone

How many of you know there are some hidden built-in Google games buried somewhere there on your Android smartphone and the interesting thing is all these games are available for offline and perfect time...
Stadia Phone Link

Stadia ‘Phone Link’ Turn Your Smartphone Into A Gamepad To Connect To The TV

Google Stadia users will no longer need an official controller to play on their TV. The Mountain View giant is about to release a new feature that will allow players to use the smartphone...
Fortnite via Nvidia getforce Now

Epic Games Blames Apple: Return Of Fortnite To App Store Can Take Up To...

Fortnite is not expected to return to Apple's App Store until the litigation with Epic Games is over. The iPhone company declined a request for the resumption, according to a letter from Apple that...
Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima Would Like To Create Games That Change In Real Time

Hideo Kojima, the creator of Death Stranding and the Metal Gear saga, wants to make a video game that is not identical for all players — that takes into account the location and mindset...
Fun And Educational Android Games For Kids

11 Best Fun And Educational Android Games For Kids In 2021

Let's make your Android smartphone something useful to your kids — teach them the good side of the internet and technology with this fun and educational Android games for kids.Midst of the pandemic, the...
gaming on mobile phone

The best mobile phones for gaming

The advent of the smartphone was a pivotal moment in tech history. With it, people were now able to access the internet from a hand-held, pocket-sized device, so ubiquitous in its nature that there...
God of War- Ragnarok

Sony Patent Shows How To Make Video Game Injuries More Realistic

Fortunately, hardly any of us know what gunshot wounds feel like. As in most video games, if a character catches a bullet, he loses life points, and advances without any restrictions in movement —...