12 Best Educational Android Games for Kids in 2024

As a parent, you may have noticed that your children spend a lot of time on their smartphones. However, what if I told you that you can integrate your child’s screen time with educational content that is both engaging and enlightening? Educational Android games, especially designed for kids, can be a doorway to new knowledge, skills, and joyous learning experiences for your child. These Android games for kids, with their blend of fun and education, are perfect tools for parents aiming to enrich their children’s minds and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

1. Inventioneers

Suitable Age Range: Children aged 7 and up

Inventioneers allows children to craft their own wacky and innovative inventions with a little help from the “Inventioneers” — tiny characters with unique abilities. The game is designed to be an open-ended exploration, where the limits are only one’s creativity. Beyond its entertainment value, the game serves as an outstanding educational tool, introducing children to the principles of physics in real-time. It demystifies complex concepts such as air, fire, magnetism, and even the unexpected antics of jumping bunnies, making learning both accessible and fun.

2. FunEduFarm

Suitable Age Range: Children aged 1-5 years

From creative endeavors like drawing and painting to engaging with nature through feeding animals and planting, the FunEduFarm encourages a gentle exploration of the world. It aids in developing physical coordination with activities such as driving vehicles and smashing bubbles, alongside fostering an appreciation for sounds and rhythm through musical discovery. Furthermore, it challenges the young mind with problem-solving tasks like treasure hunts, all presented in a fun and accessible manner. The game ensures that even a one-year-old, with a little help from a parent, can navigate its enchanting world.

3. Multiplication with Monty

Suitable Age Range: Children between the ages of 6 and 8 years old

Multiplication with Monty creates a stress-free environment where kids can practice and memorize essential math operations through engaging games. This Android educational game not only focuses on multiplication but also embraces division, addition, and subtraction, making it a comprehensive toolkit for young learners. Each test comprises 12 questions, covering one of the four fundamental maths operations.

4. Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Suitable Age Range: Children aged 5-8 years

Thinkrolls is a puzzle adventure that captivates children with its delightful blend of logic challenges and physics-based problems set in a colorful, animated world. Players navigate through 12 fairytale castles, encountering a variety of obstacles, puzzles, and characters. Each puzzle requires players to think critically, making it an excellent tool for developing logical reasoning skills. The game is thoughtfully divided into two main difficulty levels — easy puzzles designed for children aged 5-8 and more challenging ones suitable for kids aged 8 and above.

5. Preschool Learning Games

Suitable Age Range: Children aged 3 to 8 years

This interactive game is designed to make preschool learning easy for children. With a blend of fun narratives and educational tasks, the game turns basic learning concepts such as shapes, colors, numbers, and basic math into a thrilling quest for knowledge. The game adheres to early childhood education principles in a way that feels like play, making it a valuable tool for parents and educators.

6. Bini ABC games for kids

Suitable Age Range: Kids aged 3 to 5 years

Bini ABC games for kids familiarize children with the alphabet in an enjoyable and interactive manner. The game achieves this by introducing super baby letters, characters so engaging and fun that they instantly capture the imagination of young learners. The activities are designed to break the monotony of traditional learning methods, replacing dull repetition with amusing lessons that spark joy and curiosity.

7. Masha and the Bear Educational

Suitable Age Range: Kids aged up to 6 years old

Masha and the Bear is a collection of 30 educational games for Android designed for for preschoolers and young school-goers. The game is aimed at developing a wide range of skills, including painting, language, mathematics, memory, and music. Puzzle-solving activities are also included to challenge young minds with pieces of varying sizes and shapes, fostering problem-solving skills and patience.

8. Piano Kids

Suitable Age Range: Children aged 3 to 8 years

Piano Kids offers an enchanting music box experience, where children can use their fingers to play various colorful instruments and learn music with fun. These include the kids xylophone, drum kit, piano, saxophone, trumpet, flute, and electric guitar, allowing them to make music on a phone or tablet in an immersive way.

9. LogicLike

Suitable Age Range: Children aged 4 and up

LogicLike, firmly rooted in the principles of logic, memory, and focus enhancement, offers a vibrant array of puzzles and brain games designed to engage young minds in a meaningful quest for knowledge. The app is the product of meticulous effort by a team of experienced educators who have poured their insights into creating logic puzzles that are not only fun but also educational. The puzzles incorporate voiceovers and exciting images, accompanied by hints to keep children motivated and engaged. The tasks are intuitively designed, ensuring that children can navigate through them with minimal assistance.

10. Endless Alphabet

Suitable Age Range: Children aged 2 to 5 years old

Endless Alphabet sets a playful stage for children to learn their ABCs and build a robust vocabulary. Through a series of interactive puzzles featuring talking letters and short animations, children are introduced to a world of words, from the simple to the complex.

11. Endless Numbers

Suitable Age Range: Children aged 3 to 6

Endless Numbers introduces children to number recognition, sequences, quantities, numerical patterns, and basic addition. With interactive sequences and equation puzzles that bring numbers to life, Endless Numbers is designed to make early math skills engaging and accessible.

12. Endless Wordplay

Suitable Age Range: Children aged 4 to 7

Endless Wordplay focuses on spelling, word building, and phonics through rhyming word puzzles. The app teaches key spelling patterns and phonograms, essential for early literacy.

Integrating educational Android games into your child’s routine is more than just about keeping them occupied; it’s about opening doors to new ways of thinking, learning, and interacting with the world. These Android games for kids create a tapestry of learning that is both deep and delightful. They prove that with the right resources, learning can be a joyous journey filled with curiosity, discovery, and fun. 

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  1. Great post! I’m always on the lookout for fun and educational games for my kids, and this list is super helpful. My daughter is especially eager to try out “Multiplication with Monty” – she loves puzzles and math problems, so I think she’ll really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!


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