11 Best Fun And Educational Android Games For Kids In 2023

Let’s make your Android smartphone something useful to your kids — teach them the good side of the internet and technology with this fun and educational Android games for kids.

Midst of the pandemic, the world has been evolved so much. Today we are much dependent on technology more than ever. We work online; we learn online — today, the internet, computers, and smartphones have become an essential part of everyday life.

If you have a boy or girl at home, surely you want them to learn and have fun at the same time. Today, kids are more inclined to smartphones and the internet, so we recommend some of the best educational games for Android to change their enthusiasm to something useful — learn and explore new things with Android smartphones.

There are many types of games available for kids — covering different ages and subjects. So that you have options according to what interests you for your son, daughter, nephew, or grandson, these are our top picks of fun and educational Android games for kids.

Educational Android Games For Kids:

1. Thinkrolls 2

If what you want is for the child to train their logic or simply their ability to overcome situations. Thinkroll 2 is one of the best options. With different puzzles and nice and pleasant graphics, it will make your kid have a lot of fun while squeezing the brain to gain some awesome logical thinking. But it is a paid game.

2. Lola’s Alphabet Train

Lola’s Alphabet Train helps your kids to learn the alphabet. Lola’s Alphabet Train is an app specifically designed for 3 to 7-year-olds — in which your child will learn what the letters are and will also identify them, will definitely remember the alphabet. 

Play games like “dragging and dropping” individual letters, “form a word”, and even a matching memory game to become more associated with the alphabet. As your children’s skills improve, the games get more challenging but still manage to be fun and engaging.

3. Preschool learning games for kids

Preschool learning games for kids is one of the must-have Android games for toddlers — needed before they could learn the alphabet. This educational Android game is apt for kids in preschool age (3, 4, 5, and 6 years old), primary school, and kindergarten. The game will help them to learn the shapes, colors, counting games, and basic skills — they will learn with no effort while having fun.

4. Toca Life World

Instead of telling stories to make them think creatively, Toca Life World game tries to create an ideal world and the best stories that will happen in it. The game will spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. The game is developed with the kids’ perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative, and to be who they want to be.

5. Bini Super ABC

Bini Super ABC — This game has very basic levels, as well as it is very fun to play, and kids will really enjoy learning the first letters of the alphabet. The game is suitable for toddlers age 3 – 5. With this educational game for Android, children will learn how to write and pronounce letters, as well as develop beginning reading skills with alphabet sounds.

6. Pepi House

Meet and greet the huge Pepi family in Pepi House. A family house with 10 members will be the setting for this game, suitable for the little ones to carry out different activities and interact with each of the members in the house. Each floor or room represents a different theme, with hidden objects and corresponding subplots. Of course, it includes some educational games for kids, although it’s more of a 2D adventure.

7. Toca Kitchen 2 

If your kid is still too small for the kitchen, you can start to satisfy their cooking hunger with Toca Kitchen 2. In this game, the kid will have to cook dishes for the clients, and when the clients like the dish cook will be rewarded for the effort and things well done.

8. Kids Balloon Pop Game

Kids Balloon Pop Game is another easy way for children to learn their first educational lessons. These cute classic balloon popping game for kids incorporate four game modes in which they can learn colors, numbers, and even the alphabet by tapping on the screen. The game will also help kids learn English or practice vocabulary in 10 different languages.

9. Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear consist of educational games for children up to 6 years old, with the great adventure of a girl and her companion, a forest bear. They will help the little ones to propose pictures, objects to stimulate memory, music to associate them with instruments or simple mathematical operations. In this way, children can continue learning from home.

10. Piano Kids

Despite its age specificity, Piano Kids is a game that, due to its content, can be used for younger ages. This game helps kids to learn to play musical instruments, explore different sounds, and develop musical skills. In this way, kids will love to play this game since it has wonderful animations, and it is full of sounds and music from different musical instruments. The interface of the app is colorful and bright. It will interest and please your child as he will learn music while playing exciting games.

11. Toca Lab: Elements 

If you think that your child may have an interest in chemistry, then Toca Lab: Elements will help him learn the periodic table by playing directly with the elements themselves. It is clear that it is not for the little ones since the periodic table is somewhat advanced, but a somewhat older child may have an interest in the world of chemistry. But it is a paid game for kids.

So, these were our recommendations for educational games for kids on Android. Were you able to select the one that convinces you the most for your little one?

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