10 Android Customization Ideas To Tweak Your Smartphone

Looking for some Android customization ideas to tweak your smartphone? Then, you are in right place. Because in this article we are going to discuss some top basic Android customization ideas options to modify your device.

The biggest advantage of the Android platform is its versatility. You can modify or tweak Android device settings from top to bottom in its looks and performance — for the most part; you just have to choose some right apps

In our future posts, you will see a ton of customization ideas by using some unique apps to tweak Android devices. So now let’s check out some basics ones first.

Basic Android customization ideas:

1. Install launchers and widgets to tweak overall UI

Most of us get bored of our smartphone’s out-of-box user interface after a couple of days. It’s usual. But in Android, it’s not a problem.

Because in Android, you get zillions of replacement options for your default launcher in the Personalization category of Google Play. Launchers are kinda themes that will customize the overall appearance of the UI of your smartphone. Changing or trying new launchers are usually the first Android tweak every newbie do when they first hand on an Android device.

Apart from changing the whole look of the device, there are also some launchers available in the market that can provide more performance upgrades and a fluid user experience.

Like launchers, you can also install third-party widgets that can do wonders on your phone’s home screen. Sure, widgets will drain your battery but it also makes your device easy to access certain functions.

2. Go with custom-made lock screens

Why that ordinary lock screen? Try something more stylish because let makes intruders appreciate your device’s looks while trying to break in.

Lock screens — those who are serious about their device’s security and privacy always puts on this most important security feature of Android. Some like pattern locks while some others like pin/password lock to safeguard their Android smartphone. Most times they look simple and the same on all devices.

Who doesn’t like a change? So head on to Google Play and search for lock screens to find some stylish and more advanced lock screens for your Android device. You can also find some unique lock screen apps that provide more screen lock methods other than that pattern/pin/password.

3. Make more attractive with wallpapers, icons & keyboards

Okay, I know you can simply get cool wallpapers from Google images. But the question is how cool and stylish are they?

Instead of searching “cool wallpapers for Android” in Google try some wallpaper apps from Google Play. Most of them provide unique and live wallpaper collections that you can’t even get from Google. There are also some tools to set animated GIFs as wallpapers.

Apart from wallpapers, you can also stylize your phone’s interface with the new set of icons and modern keyboards with more advanced features.

4. Automate most of your tasks

Make your Android smartphone, even more, smarter by automating most of the tasks. Yes, there are some apps like Tasker or MacroDroid to do this.

With these apps, you can automate functions from settings to SMS according to different triggers you set. Also, remember for non-rooted Android phones automation is limited to a certain extent compared to rooted devices.

5. Control data usage

Do you know there are some firewall apps available in Googe Play to restrict the use of mobile data in every app you installed? In this way, you can control your mobile data usage more efficiently.

With this firewall app, you can also block ads in free version apps you installed by simply disabling network usage in that particular app.

6. Better memory management

How do you manage the usage of RAM and internal storage? Because people who use budget Android smartphones always struggle to regulate the use of RAM and internal storage. Sometimes they have to uninstall their favorite apps to install new ones from Google Play to free up some space.

But not anymore, because in the Android versions — Lolipop and higher — you can easily move your high-end app’s data to external storage/SD card with the help of some memory management apps. Also, with these apps, you can free up some internal memory by clearing junk files.

And with the booster app, you can make your device faster by clearing RAM occasionally.

7. Save battery life

There are many ways to save battery life in Android smartphones without installing any battery saver apps. Like adjusting brightness, choosing dark/black colored wallpapers, limiting background services, choosing clean and simple launchers, controlling mobile data usage are some of them.

There are also some battery saver or battery optimizer apps in Google Play to control the draining of the battery in a more advanced way. Some of these apps require root permission to work effectively.

8. Significantly improve performance

Who likes a laggy, slow Android smartphone? We always upheld the performance of our device. We want our smartphones to be perfect and perform well in every situation.

But most of the time low memory powered — mainly phones with less than 1GB RAM — underperform when comes to coping with several tasks. In that case, some simple tweaks in your Android device can make your device function effectively to some extent.

Some examples are replacing heavy apps with lite versions, minimizing background operations etc. could improve the performance and stability of your Android smartphone.

9. Privacy is priority

Internet privacy becomes a burning issue now, we are not safe from spying eyes. As Android is from Google, we almost share our every online activity with them.

Not only Google, some apps that we installed for some other task could also follow our online life without our knowledge. So customizing your browser or internet proxy or using VPN can control to hide your online activity. You can also control data usage in every app by using some good firewall apps.

10. Want to be PRO? — Then root your Android device

Yes, rooting your phones comes last. When you think about tweaking your Android smartphone — the first thing came to your mind will be rooting. And a majority of us are afraid to root our Android smartphone — because it voids the warranty, open a backdoor for any malware.

But giving root permission to Android can enable huge customization possibilities. By rooting you can install some rare tools, change the overall look of your device, use it as a hacking partner etc.

So these are some of the basic Android customization ideas that can do on your smartphone. Soon we will publish a lot of amazing Android tweaking tutorials. Also, don’t forget to check our best collection of Android tweaks.

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  1. On this list i most commonly use is change wallpaper and install a launcher and sometimes the lock screen. I not really a big fan of Android long ago but i was amaze on the thing your can make with Android thats im using and Android device nowadays.


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