Learn a Foreign Language

Buenos Dias! Or should I say, Guten tag? Are you trying to learn a new language? Congratulations on your adventure! It’ll be a hard task, but a rewarding one nonetheless.

Fortunately for all language-lovers out there, the Internet provides you with a lot of things you can take advantage of to better yourself in the language you’re studying.

Read down below to find out!

1. Language-learning apps

There are a lot of apps online that will teach you a new language. If you feel you can handle a new language all by yourself, this is the perfect ally for your language-related battles.

If you visit language classes, they are a great aid to brush up on old concepts that you might not understand yet! The best ones are Duolingo and Memrise.

2. Google Translate may be useful from time to time

If you are having a hard time trying to understand a word or a line from a text, Google translate might be able to solve your language-related issues.

It’s easy to use and reliable most of the time. Keep in mind it’s not perfect and it’s a constant work in progress, so never take it as your main source of knowledge.

3. Make foreign friends using Interpals

Once you get good at the new language you are learning, it’s time to take your newly-developed abilities for a test drive around the world!

Back in the day, it was hard to create a penpal relationship with someone from around the globe, but now it’s incredibly easy! All you have to do is sign up at Interpals and look for someone to talk to.

You’ll make new friends, learn things about other countries, and become a better foreign language speaker – all at once!

4. Use Spokeo to find out more

There’s a secret not too many people know about, one that might increase your language abilities tenfold. Whenever you make a new friend using Interpals, you can check their information using Spokeo reverse phone lookup.

Spokeo reverse number lookup is an easy-to-use people-check website. All you have to do is write down the name, phone number or email of someone who you want to know more about. Using that small piece of information, you could get to know the social media profiles of foreigners and learn more about their culture, everyday life, and language!

5. Organize video calls with foreigners using Skype

Writing letters online to foreign friends is great, but you shouldn’t stick to improving your writing skills only! You need to work on your listening and speaking abilities as well to become truly proficient in a foreign language.

And there’s no better way to do it than by making video calls using Skype or alternatives. If you have a good internet connection, it’ll be of great quality. And free of charge!

6. Read foreign blogs and newspapers

A great way to improve your writing abilities is to read. You need to read a lot when you are trying to learn a foreign language. Some people even learn languages to read blogs, books, and newspapers in their original language – that’s how important it is!

You should try to look for different newspapers online. And, if possible, look for newspapers with different political views, that way, you’ll get a sense of different tones of writing and a better sense of the overall language!

7. Use YouTube and Filmix to watch foreign films; Use Apple Music or Spotify to listen to foreign songs legally

You can also improve your listening abilities in a fun, relaxed kind of way. Consuming media! You probably love to listen to music and watch movies. We all do! Everyone thinks it’s a way to have fun and entertain yourself, but if you are learning a new language, you can use it to study as well!

Look for foreign films and foreign music of your target language and dive right into them! It might not seem like much at first, but you’ll soon realize you are making great process by paying attention to how people talk, act, and sing!


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