45+ Free Coding Websites For Beginners To Learn Programming In 2020

We all know coding is the future, then why haven’t you started yet to learn how to code?

Just forget all those programming jokes you saw on the internet, the truth is being a programmer is a cool job. Unlike any other jobs, programming is a creative process where you instruct a computer to do some sophisticated tasks by playing with some bunch of codes. In short, a programmer can make an extremely dumb machine to an obedient one or make them act live humans just by his codes. May be you can say programmers are superheroes — for example “Tony Stark” aka “Iron Man”.

Since programming becomes a valuable skill for the majority of top IT jobs, every day thousands of people start to learn a new programming language. So why isn’t you started yet? Age doesn’t matter when it comes to learning new things, so it is never too late to learn how to code.

There are a lot of both free and paid tutorial websites available online to teach you programming. In this article, we are going to list some best free coding website to learn programming — especially for beginners.

Free tutorial websites to learn how to code:

From these free coding tutorial websites, you will learn basics and advanced coding knowledge of some top programming languages. Some of them are JavaScript, Java, Python, C, C++, SQL, etc. Listed websites are 100% free — no hidden charges or subscription. So check out each of this website and start to learn how to code.

Free Coding Websites Learn to code
1. CodeGym  Online Java programming course
that is 80% based on practice. CodeGym Java course is divided into 40 levels that includes 1,200 hands-on tasks of increasing complexity.
2. W3Schools  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap,XML
3. Thenewboston  Video tutorials for HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, App Development, Android Development, C Programming
4. Codecademy  HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, SQL, Ruby, Rails and AngularJS
5. Free Code Camp HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js
6. Khan Academy JavaScript, SQL, HTML
7. TutorialsPoint  Python 3, .NET, Android, Java and lots more
8. Cforbeginners  C, C++
9. Code.org  Basics of JavaScript programming , Python, Hopscotch etc
10. Coursera  C++ or C programming, Algrithms, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography…etc
11. Codeschool HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS
12. TheCodePlayer HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery
13. LearnRubyOnline Ruby
14. Sqlzoo SQL
15. EDX Computer Science, Java
16. LearnCodeTheHardWay C, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL
17. LearnPythonTheHardWay Python
18. Learn-perl Perl
19. LearnCS C#
20. CodeCombat Play to learn code
21. DontFearTheInternet HTML/CSS
22. LearnLayout Advanced CSS
23. LearnShell Shell Programming
24. Dash HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
25. Web Accessibility Tools and techniques for web developers
26. Learn-php PHP
27. Learn-js JavaScript
28. Learn-cpp C++
29. Rubymonk Ruby
30. Learn-c C
31. Learn-golang Go
32. Learn-html HTML & CSS
33. LearnPython Python
34. Learn-Angular AngularJS
35. IOS Development IOS
36. LearnJavaOnline Java
37. CodingBat Java, Python
38. Techotopia C#, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, IOS, Android and lots more
39. EssentialSQL SQL
40. SqlBolt SQL
41. Programming Video Tutorials C#, C++, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML
42. Web design degree center HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ruby
43. Landofcode JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Java and VBScript
44. Beginnersbook Java, Json, C, C++, Perl
45. Wikiversity PHP, C++, Python, Java… etc
46. SoloLearn  C++, Java, Python 3

So which programming language are you going to learn first, let us know in the comments. Also if you know any other free similar websites that will help newbies to understand the programming world, then suggest them too — we will update them to our list.

  1. Jeff says

    You should probably add a note next to or added to, each one that isn’t 100% free. Some of these (codeavengers for example), only allow the beginner portion of a track for free and you have to pay for the rest. A bit misleading to say they are all free.

    1. TechLog360 says

      Yeah, we updated the post. Now only listed free ones.

  2. NitroNilz says

    Great! Now where is assembly?

  3. Raghave says

    Also draw.io

  4. Anurag Singh says

    Great article . This article really very useful.
    thanks for this greate post.

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