50 Websites To Learn How To Code For Free

50 Websites To Learn How To Code For Free

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Searching for where to learn how to code for free,then stop.You are at right place.

Here we are listing Top 50 websites that will help you to learn how to code.Below listed website will help you to find a good coding platform for beginners.From here you will learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, XHTML, Bootstrap, C, C++, Python, Ruby, Android Development, Java and lots more.So check out each of this website and start to learn how to code.

Learn How To Code For Free :


The most heard name how to code.Codeacademy is the place to go if you aren’t quite sure where to start.The main plus point of Codecademy is that they have a advanced interface to type code and render it without using external notepad or browser.Codeacademy works on a reward system and it rewards you with badges for your achievements.Codecademy will help you to learn HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, SQL, Ruby, Rails and AngularJS.

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Udacity is the next best on the web to learn to code.Udacity offers video tutorials inserted with quizzes at each intervals. The video tutorials offered at Udacity are broken down into minutes of 2-3 that simply do what they were meant to.Udacity also offers a final test on your course and provides you with a downloadable certificate as shown below, for your achievement.Udacity will help you to learn Computer Science, Web Application Engineering, Software Testing, Web Development, HTML5, Python, Java, Computer Science, Algorithm.

3.Google Android Development

If you like to learn Android development,then this is the best place.Learn it from the creators.Google offers an advanced android development tutorials for its users.They will teach you from how to make an app to how to submit it in Playstore.

4.Google’s Python Class

Google’s Python Class — this is a free class for people with a little bit of programming experience who want to learn Python. The class includes written materials, lecture videos, and lots of code exercises to practice Python coding. These materials are used within Google to introduce Python to people who have just a little programming experience.


Coursera offers a wide range of courses in Computer science alone, and you cannot start off instantly. Although it is free, the classes are conducted once in every few months and you have to enrol in advance to the class, or add it in your wishlist for the next class.Coursera will guide you to learn Languages – Computer architecture, Programming languages, C++ for C programming, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography…etc


Courses offered by Code.org are basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop programming, basics of JavaScript programming , Python, Hopscotch etc


W3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training.They will guide you to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap


The New Boston offers an incredible collection of video tutorials for all types of programming, including iPhone and computer game development.Thenewboston provides video tutorials for HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Java, Python, PHP, App Development, Android Development, C Programming.

9.MIT OpenCourseWare

Find more than a hundred online course materials for electrical engineering and computer science in MIT’s OpenCourseWare collection

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10.Khan Academy

One of the original free online coding resources, Khan Academy has come a long way. With easy-to-follow course sections with step-by-step video tutorials, Khan Academy is a great place to get started with your coding career.It does not offer a set of programming languages, but it deals with programming basics and approach to coding that could be applied to a vast array of languages.


On Webmonkey, you’ll find tutorials for everything from building your first website to developing with HTML5.Tutorial section includes HTML5, Ajax, CSS, APIs, Javascript etc.


Codeavengers will teach you how to develop your own games, websites and apps.Tutorials includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python etc.

Am not making you bored here is the quick list of remaining 38 websites:

Websites What You Will Learn
 13. Codeschool HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS
 14. TeamTreeHouse HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS, Android, Python…
 15. Html5Rocks HTML5/CSS
16. Sqlzoo SQL
17. EDX Computer Science, Java
18. TheCodePlayer HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery
 19. LearnPythonTheHardWay Python
 20. SkillCrush HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python …more
21. TutsPlus WordPress Plugin Development, Webdesigning, Other Coding tutorials
22. CodeCombat Play to learn code
 23. DontFearTheInternet HTML/CSS
 24. LearnLayout Advanced CSS
25. Atozcss CSS Screencasts
26. Dash HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
 27. Web Accessibility Tools and techniques for web developers
 28. TheHelloWorldProgram Web Development, Linux, Python
29. PythonTutor Python
 30. CodeLearn Web Development
31. Rubymonk Ruby
 32. Stanford University Software Algorithms
33. NodeTuts Node JS video tutorials
 34. NodeSchool Web software skills
 35. Egghead Video training for AngularJS, React, D3, and many other essential modern web technologies
36. Learn-Angular AngularJS
37. IOS Development IOS
38. LearnJavaOnline Java
 39. CodingBat Java, Python
40. Techotopia  IOS, Android
41. EssentialSQL  SQL
42. SqlBolt  SQL
 43. Coderdojo HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
44. HackDesign Design course
45. Mozilla Developer Network Mozilla Development
 46. Programming Video Tutorials C++
47. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning Principles of Programming Languages
48. Landofcode Java, CSS, HTML, PHP and VBScript
49. SitePoint Reference HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
50. Wikiversity  PHP, C++, Python, Java… etc

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So hopes information will be useful for you.Start learn how to code.:)


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    Jeff 2 years

    You should probably add a note next to or added to, each one that isn’t 100% free. Some of these (codeavengers for example), only allow the beginner portion of a track for free and you have to pay for the rest. A bit misleading to say they are all free.

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    NitroNilz 2 months

    Great! Now where is assembly?