Which IT Job Is The Best ? — According To Salary, Working Hours And Other Benefits

Are you a computer science graduate ? — Then you will be confused about choosing a right IT job.

Most of us think IT job means programming or building softwares. All computer science jobs are not created equal. That degree might qualify you for a number of different jobs in technology.

So, what exactly are the differences between these different jobs, and how are you to learn which one if right for you? Simple! Just check out the infographic  from Computer Science Zone below for a quick breakdown of each career and what exactly you should expect from each one.

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Which IT job are you going to choose ?????

Avinash A
Avinash A
Meet Avinash, a tech editor with a Master's in Computer Science and a passion for futuristic tech, AI, and Machine Learning. Known for making complex tech easy to understand, he's a respected voice in leading tech publications and podcasts. When he's not deciphering the latest AI trends, Avinash indulges in building robots and dreaming up the next big tech breakthrough.



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