The 8 Best Programming Languages for Automated Testing in 2021

As we all know, there are numerous programming languages available for test automation. Sometimes choosing the right platform becomes difficult for developers, so we’re here with the top 8 best programming languages for automation testing in 2021. 

What is Automated Testing?

Automation Testing is a software testing technique that uses special automated testing software tools to perform a test case suite. Similarly, Manual Testing is performed by human intervention where a person is sitting in front of the computer and executing the test steps.

Testing automation software can also enter test data within the System Under Test and generate detailed test reports and actual results. It demands considerable investments of money and resources.

A successful development cycle needs the execution of the same test suits again and again. Using a testing automation tool, you can record this test suit and re-play it as required. When the test suite is automated, there is no requirement of human intervention which proves the ROI of test automation. Automation testing aims to reduce the number of test cases and not to avoid Manual testing altogether.

There are numerous programming languages for test automation which makes it difficult for you to choose the right one. So, to ease your work, you can contact some reliable companies like Tatvasoft, iCoderz Solutions, Science Soft, and so on. They won’t just guide you in choosing the best programming language but also help you to empower your business for next-gen applications. 

Parameters to Consider While Selecting Programming Language

There are eight parameters to take into consideration while evaluating any language for automation, which are as follows:

  1. Elegance: It is the process of translating the test cases into code to make them easy and clear. Make sure that the test cases are concise and self-documenting for maintainability. 
  2. IDE Support: make sure that it supports IDE because vim and Notepad don’t cut it for big projects.
  3. Usability: A perfect automation language should handle rote tasks such as memory management and must be high-level. Low learning curves are recommended.
  4. Available Packages: It is better to use readymade packages for basic operations such as SSH, HTTP requests, and web drivers. 
  5. Industry Adoption: If the automation language remains popular, then development frameworks and packages will be maintained well. 
  6. Available Test frameworks: It provides basic requirements like reporting, fixtures, cleanup, and logging, 
  7. Powerful Command Line: Powerful CLI is mandatory to launch the test cases easily and for continuous integration. 
  8. Easy Build Integration: Make sure that the automation launch tests and report results. 

Best Programming Languages for Automated Testing

Now, if you’re looking for guidance to help you with your test automation journey in the test automation diaries, then you’ve landed in the right place! In this blog, we’re going to discuss the top 8 programming languages which should be taken into consideration for test automation in 2021. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Python

You must be aware of the latest programming languages for test automation, but Python is one of the leading languages which is used for automation testing, machine learning, and many more. The latest version of Python is 3.9.0. It is beneficial to use Python compared to other programming languages for test automation because it has an easy learning curve due to the readability of the language. 

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, a whopping 73.1% voted for Python as the most wanted programming language indicating the popularity of the Python language.

Here are some basic reasons regarding the popularity of Python that you must know before using it for test automation:

  • Various libraries make the job of developers easy and help them in performing actions without writing complex code.
  • Python is more portable compared to other similar platforms. 
  • The coding syntax is easy to learn which makes Python one of the ideal programming languages for beginners. 
  • Lastly, it has strong community support.

Python libraries such as Appium and Selenium make the job of automation testing and cross-browser much easier. You can also use PyUnit and Pytest testing frameworks to perform automated cross-browser testing.

2. Java

Java is a general-purpose programming language for automation testing. More than 40% of customers are using Java for their automated checks and the wealth of readily available education resources, plugins, and frameworks that support Java for test automation. This shows that the narrative that insists that community support is a driving factor when choosing a programming language for test automation. 

According to a report generated by Stack Overflow Developer, there was an increase of 18% in the usage of Java by experts in the last few years.

3. JavaScript

The third most common programming language is JavaScript in our list. It is popular among developers because it is one of the most proficient programming languages which is used for test automation and also the fastest growing. According to an anonymous survey, it is reported that more than 70% of professionals and experts prefer using JavaScript for their test automation projects and amazing features.

According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript gained the top spot in the Makeup, Scripting, and Programming Languages section in the Most Popular Technologies category.

most popular technologies result
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Many consumer websites use JavaScript for test automation and front-end development because of its amazing features and dominance in test automation. It has a wider adoption of shift-left testing methodologies where web developers are also involved in test case development and collaborate with the development team to come up with successful and efficient test automation implementation. 

4. C#

C# is another best platform for test automation which is created by Microsoft and it is one of the widely used programming languages for the automation testing process. C# consists of object-oriented programming concepts and uses the .NET web development framework for processing the test scripts for automation testing.

All the applications which run on Android, Windows, and iOS can be effectively tested with the integration of the C# programming language. It can integrate with Selenium web drivers to make the job of automation testing easy and quick. So, if you are planning to learn new programming languages for automation testing, then prepare your schedule to learn C#.

5. Ruby

Ruby is a proficient and effective programming language for test automation that is gaining momentum in the arena of automated browser testing. It focuses on simplicity and productivity which makes it easier for web developers to implement the test cases. Ruby has a user-friendly syntax and its object-oriented architecture makes it a powerful programming language compared to other similar platforms.

Ruby has the support of the growing community and users consider it as one of the most important strengths that every programming language must-have. It is now becoming the most preferred language for application development with simple and less code.

6. Smash Test

Another programming language in our list for test automation is Smash Test. It is an open-source language that makes rapid generation of test cases. It is 10x faster and easy to understand compared to other programming languages. Smash Test offers powerful tools and resources for automation testing and makes it enjoyable for you if you want to dabble with test automation.

7. PHP

PHP is an open-source and server-side scripting language used for web development and test automation. If you are planning to have successful automated testing, then you must go to PHP. The difficulty level of PHP is low if you compare it with other backend programming languages such as Java and Python. It is a popular and most widely used command-line scripting language with powerful capabilities. PHP support for several test automation frameworks such as PHPUnit, Laravel Dusk, BeHat, and Codeception.

More than 30 lac live websites with large content and dynamic web apps are built using PHP development services. Giant organizations like Facebook and Wikipedia use PHP for their website.

8. VB Script

Lastly, we have a VBScript programming language that can be used for test automation. It is developed by Microsoft and has a lighter version of Visual Basic. VB Script is used in Quick Test Professional, an automated testing tool for executing automated tests. However, it is easy to learn if you have little knowledge about basic programming skills.

Wrapping Up

Here we discussed the eight best programming languages for test automation in 2012 that are gaining momentum in the present era. Apart from the above-mentioned list, there are many other growing programming languages available for test automation that can be used according to your project requirements.

That was all for now. We hope you must have your mindset on which programming language for automation testing you want to learn next. So, make up your plans and be ready to learn new programming languages in 2021 and improve your skills and handle testing challenges that are likely to come next year. Till then, Happy Coding!

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