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Apple Game Porting Toolkit

Apple’s Game-Changer: The Game Porting Toolkit Revolutionizes Windows Games on macOS

At the recent WWDC 2023, AppleĀ unveiledĀ its latest creation, the Game Porting Toolkit, a set of tools designed to simplify the process of porting Windows games to macOS. This move is seen as Apple's strategic...
Basic Ubuntu commands and Terminal shortcuts

40 Basic Ubuntu Commands And Terminal Shortcuts Every Beginner Must Know

If you are a Ubuntu newbie, then this post about basic Ubuntu commands is going to help you to get familiar with the Terminal emulator.As we all know, Ubuntu is one of the most...
Best Cloud Programming Languages

15 Best Cloud Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2023

Programming language is an important thing to choose, and there are many different kinds of programming language. When people think of choosing a computer language, they probably pick one of the well-known, general-purpose procedural languages...
Roadmap to Become a Frontend Developer

Complete Roadmap to Become a Frontend Developer 2023

Front-end development, also known as client-side development, is the process of creating the User Interface (UI) of a website or online application, which specifies how each component of a website will look and work....
Free tutorial websites to learn how to code

45+ Free Coding Websites For Beginners To Learn Programming In 2023

We all know coding is the future, then why haven't you started yet to learn how to code?Just forget all those programming jokes you saw on the internet, the truth is being a programmer...
coding news and stories collection

The Role of Coding Bootcamps in Education: Are They a Viable Alternative to Traditional...

Over the past few years, coding bootcamps have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional computer science degrees. We will look at the function of coding bootcamps in education in this essay. We will...
Twitter api for developers

Twitter is Shutting Down Old Free APIs, Affecting Apps and Websites

Twitter has caused developers confusion by shutting down its old free API, which has affected many apps and websites on the web. Earlier this year, Twitter announced changes to its API and introduced a new paid layer,...
Magento Development Services

Magento Development Services: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're looking to build an online store that is robust, scalable, and feature-rich, then Magento development services are the way to go. Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that provides merchants with a...