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React Native

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using React Native To Develop A Mobile App

As more and more developers are starting to find out, React Native is a mobile app development framework that cuts time and expenses. It allows them to develop separate apps for iOS and Android...
Best open-source Android apps

15 best open-source Android apps with source code for developers to practice

Most of us used to aware of open-source software available for pc — mainly Linux, but we forget about another major platform — smartphones. And in this article, we are discussing some of the...
programming coding GUI Framework

Elements of an Effective Embedded GUI Framework

It can be quite overwhelming when wanting to choose an effective embedded GUI framework. From looking for the deliverables required to witnessing the end result, there can be quite a lot that you will...
Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry Pi Pico: $4 Microcontroller From Raspberry Pi With Self-Developed SoC

Raspberry Pi Foundation has just presented its most ambitious project — a microcontroller called Raspberry Pi Pico, equipped with an SoC designed by the Foundation itself. After four years of work and development, the Raspberry...
Free tutorial websites to learn how to code

45+ Free Coding Websites For Beginners To Learn Programming In 2021

We all know coding is the future, then why haven't you started yet to learn how to code?Just forget all those programming jokes you saw on the internet, the truth is being a programmer...
Ubuntu 20.04 On iPhone

Reddit User Managed To Boot Ubuntu 20.04 On iPhone

Reddit user newhacker1746 has published a video in which he demonstrates how he managed to run the Linux distro Ubuntu 20.04 on his iPhone 7.He used checkra1n — one of the few 'jailbreak' that is still...
Programming languages to learn to get your dream IT job

Top 10 Programming languages to learn to get your dream IT job in 2021

You just started your journey in the coding world and like to land in your dream IT job — become a programmer or developer. But you are confused now, you don't know which programming...
Asahi Linux

Asahi Linux: First Work On The Linux Port For Apple Silicon

As announced at the beginning of December last year, work on porting Linux to the new Apple devices with the ARM chip M1 has now officially started. The project, which was initiated by Linux developer Hector...