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Programming languages for Hackers

Important Programming Languages Used By Ethical Hackers

Which is the important programming languages for hacking? — Since hackers do not use a single programming language. They use different coding dialects for different projects.Earlier we discuss top operating systems for hackers, today...
Ego4D Facebook AI project

Facebook Creating AI Systems That Understand The World And How It Works From A...

Recently Facebook has launched its first augmented reality glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban. However, it appears that the company has an additional focus on this technology, and the proof of this is its new artificial...
Programming languages to learn to get your dream IT job

Top 10 Programming languages to learn to get your dream IT job in 2021

You just started your journey in the coding world and like to land in your dream IT job — become a programmer or developer. But you are confused now, you don't know which programming...
Facebook Mariana Trench

Facebook Open-Sourced A Tool To Spot Security And Privacy Bugs In Android And Java...

The Facebook engineering team has open-sourced Mariana Trench (MT) — a tool that automatically searches to spot and prevent security and privacy bugs in Android and Java applications.This primarily refers to the mobile apps for Facebook,...
Custom Software Development

How Custom Software Development Is Pushing Enterprises Ahead

There are several ways custom software development is pushing enterprises ahead. Increasingly, businesses are turning to custom or "bespoke" software solutions to meet their needs. For example, some of the world's largest organizations rely...
Learn to Code on smartphone

Can You Learn to Code on Your Phone?

Over time, coding has grown to join some of the highest-paid skills. And while learning to code takes time, you don’t have to be stuck to your desktop or computer to learn to code....
30 Years Of Linux

30 Years Of Linux: A Hobby That Changed The World

Linux has been around for 30 years. Even if the first Linux kernel was only released on September 17, 1991, August 25, 1991, is generally considered to be the birth of the free Linux...
TI-84 Plus CE Python graphing calculator

A Calculator That Teaches You How To Program In Python

American semiconductor company Texas Instruments has presented a calculator for students that allows them to learn the basics of Python.TI-84 Plus CE Python graphing calculator will help students "explore, visualize and better understand math and science, while...