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2022 Nobel Prize In Physics

2022 Nobel Prize In Physics Awarded For Research In The Fundamentals Of Quantum Information...

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics goes to John Clauser, Alain Aspect, and Anton Zeilinger for their work on the principles of quantum information technology — particularly quantum entanglement, which provides the foundation for...
Nvidia GET3D

GET3D: Nvidia Presented New AI Model To Create Objects And Characters In 3D

Nvidia has released GET3D (Generate Explicit Textured 3D), an AI model for creators of the company's multiverse, the Omniverse, and other developers to simplify the process of creating 3D models. As the company explains, with the...
Basic Ubuntu commands and Terminal shortcuts

20 Basic Ubuntu Commands And Terminal Shortcuts Every Beginner Must Know

If you are Ubuntu newbie, then this post about basic Ubuntu commands is going to help you to get familiar with the Terminal emulator.As we all know, Ubuntu is one of the most customizable...
programmer working from home

6 Things Every Good Programmer Should Do

Programming is hard. On many occasions, we encounter complex problems with algorithms or how to structure a solution, but it is no longer a matter of solving them but of solving them well. A...
Ethereum blockchain PoS

Goodbye, Miners: Ethereum Blockchain Announced The Transition To The Proof of Stake System

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, has moved from Proof of Work (PoW) to the Proof of Stake (PoS) model — the so-called major upgrade "Merge" was completed on the morning of September 15, 2022 in the...
GPU in deep learning

What Is A GPU? Why Is It Also Used In Deep Learning?

Semiconductor products called GPUs have been attracting attention in recent years. The reason is that GPUs are used in deep learning, which is the mainstream of AI today. GPUs are becoming more important among...
Software developer environment

How to Become a Game Developer

Many people are avid video game players, and for some, this is enough. Others, however, may want to be actively involved in the gaming process.You need to understand that being a game developer isn’t...
Pine64 Star64

Pine64 Star64: RISC-V Alternative To The Raspberry Pi Single-Board PC

Pine64 — known for the Linux smartphones PinePhone — is also presenting the Star64, a single-board computer in Raspberry Pi format based on the open RISC-V instruction set architecture with a quad-core CPU and a 3D GPU from...