Why You Should Tweak Android Devices?

Why you should tweak Android device? — Tweaking Android means “fine-tuning your Android smartphone to improve its performance, and looks by using a little know-how and the right choice of apps”.

The majority of the population now owns Google’s Android as their mobile platform, and if you are a proud owner of Android, then, you must know the vast possibilities of Android functionality. Android is based on the Linux kernel, so it’s open-sourced and the best ready-made, low-cost and customizable operating system for high-tech devices.

Now about Android customization. One of the best things about Android is that it offers you a wide variety of options for setting up your smartphone the way you want it to be. Customizing your Android phone will make it unique in performance and UI. In short, if you are a proud owner of Android device then there is no limitation to tweak Android device from top to bottom with the help of some best customization apps in the market.

When we hear about Android tweaking, another word that comes to our mind is rooting. Rooting Android phones means to grant some advanced admin privileges to the stock Android so that, it can do more customization and improvement. However a lot of newbies are afraid to root their smartphone thinking, it will brick their device — in fact, it’s true! But with right instructions and tools, anyone can root their smartphone. We will soon publish a detailed article regarding rooting.

Am not saying that, only rooted Android phone gives the best customization options. In fact, you can tweak Android devices without root permission too. In the upcoming articles, you can see how to beautifully set up your Android devices even if it’s rooted or not.

Reasons Why You Should Tweak Android Devices?

Without further ado, check out the reasons why you have to tweak the Android smartphone.

1. Fresh Unique Look:

Unlike other mobile platforms, Android gives us the opportunity to make every phone look unique by installing some cool launchers and widgets. This customization option will help you a lot in case you have an old Android smartphone since you might be quite bored by using the same interface.

Along with launchers, there are also a lot of other apps which will provide a wide variety of wallpapers, screensavers, icons, lock screens, etc.

2. Improvement In Performance:

You can also improve your Android phone’s performance by installing the right apps. You can control data usage or auto kill RAM hogging apps or manage storage by installing suitable apps.

However rooted phones guarantee more tweak in performance than a non-rooted phone. Because there are some special apps with advanced options — exclusively available to rooted devices — to tweak Android settings to get more efficiency in its functionality.

3. Usability:

Tweaking Android will also help you to ease the usability of the device. There are a lot of apps available in play store to make your Android device more user-friendly by making some necessary settings readily available in the notification area or home screen.

4. Save Battery Life:

Did you know? — Some color combinations of wallpapers and screensavers can save your phone’s battery life. So selecting wallpapers using wallpaper tweak apps is going to solve that problem. Check out some hacks and tweaks to save battery life on Android.

Soon you are going to see a lot more Android tweaking ideas in our new section — Android Tweaks. Until then check out some of our best collections of tweaks without rooting your phone.

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