Easy Google Search Tricks To Become A Search Ninja

Google search engine for rescue! But how to use it like a pro ?

Do we have a day without using Google to solve and find things.Google is the most popular search engine or may say our solutionist in this busy life.Each day Google are indexing millions of websites to their search engine,So sometimes it would be very difficult to find the exact thing we are searching.In this post we are discussing some shortcuts or some search tricks which will make your Googling more easy and efficient.

These easy Google search tricks will help you to find exact thing you are looking for.So now onwards Googling became more easy.So lets start and become a pro googler.

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Add quotation marks (“) around the phrase you’d like to search.
Ex:  “not only but also”
To search for an exact phrase, with the same words in the same order
Add a dash (-) before the word or site you want to exclude from your search resultsTo exclude results that include a particular word or site when searching words with multiple meanings.
Add an addition sign (+) in front of the Google+ user or after the blood type
Ex: +Chrome and AB+
To search for Google+ pages or blood types
Add the at symbol (@) before the social tag you’d like to search
Ex: @windows
To search for social tags
Add a dollar sign ($) before the value
Ex: windows 10 $800
To search for prices
Add an asterisk (*) within the search as a placeholder for any unknown terms
Ex: if you give a * a *
To search for a phrase with missing words
Add two periods between the designated numbers you want to search between
Ex: $455..$2000
To search for a range of numbers, usually pertaining to prices and measurements
Add a hashtag in front of the desired topic
Ex: #windows10
To search popular hashtags for trending topics
Add “site:” in front of the site or domain from which you want to pull results
Ex: photoshop:www.techlog360.com
To search for results from certain sites and domains
Add “link:” in front of the site or domain you want to find pages linking to
Ex: link:facebook.com
To search for pages that link to a certain page
Add “related:” in front of the site or domain you want to find similar results of Ex: related:digitaltrends.comTo search for sites that are similar to a designated site or domain
Add “OR” between the two words you are searching for
Ex: windows 10 OR windows 7
To search for pages that just have one of several words
Add “info:” in front of the site or domain you want information about
Ex: info:facebook.com
To search for designated information about a specific site or domain, including cached pages, and those linking to the site
Place “cache:” in front of the page housing the cache you’d like to view Ex: cache:digitaltrends.comTo search what a page looked like the last time Google crawled the site
Add “filetype:” in front of the specific file type you’re looking for
Ex: iphone filetype:jpg
To search for a specific file type
Enter “set timer for” followed by the desired amount of time
Ex:set timer for 30 minutes
To set a timer
Enter “weather” followed by a zipcode or city
Ex:weather 744101
To check the weather for a specific area
Enter “sunrise” or “sunset” followed by a zipcode or cityTo search for the sunrise and sunset times for a specific area
Enter “define” followed by your desired termTo look up the definition for a given word
Enter “etymology” followed by your desired wordTo look up the origins for a given word
Enter “time” followed by the particular regionTo look up the time for a specific region
Enter “ip address” in the search barTo look up your IP address
Enter the flight number in the search barTo check the status of a flight
Enter the desired stock symbol in the search barTo look up stock quotes
Enter the name of the holiday in the search barTo look up the date for a specific holiday
Enter the equation in the search barTo use the calculator
Enter the first amount and unit, type “to” or “in”, and then enter the second unitTo convert currency or measurements
Enter “movies” followed by your zipcode or cityTo look up film showings
Enter the sports team in the search barTo look up sports scores
Enter the name of the product, or enter “compare” followed by the items you want to compareTo look up nutritional facts about an item, or compare nutritional facts
Enter “bacon number” followed by the name of the celebrityTo look up a celebrity’s Bacon Number
Type “First Word”OR”Second Word”
Search for multiple words at once
Don’t worry about the little things• Spelling:Google’s spell checker automatically uses the most common spelling of a given word, whether or not you spell it correctly.
• Capitalization: A search for New York Times is the same as a search for new york times.
Type 94FBR followed by software name
Ex:Photoshop CC 94FBR
To search Cracks/keygens/serials/keys for software
Click the microphone icon in the search bar and begin talkingTo search Google using voice commands
Click the camera icon in the search bar and paste the image URLTo search Google for a specific image

So that’s all the Google Search Engine Shortcuts to make your googling more easy,fast and efficient.If you know any shortcuts other than listed above,please comment and share them with us

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