Mind Mapping Apps

Mind mapping apps for Android and iOS are one of the best productivity tools to organize and visualize your ideas while planning a project. Mind mapping apps are graphical tools that allow you to present information and ideas on a given topic in a simplified form with diagrams and concept maps.

Till now, we have used paper and pencil to create them, but with the arrival of smartphones, making mind apps has become more easy and more handy.

There are many mind mapping apps available for both Android and iOS and even Windows and Mac. All are easy to use and can make a difference when executing your plans.

Mind mapping apps for Android and iOS

1. Mindly

Mindly is a mind mapping app available for Android and iOS that allows you to give structure to your thoughts, capture ideas, plan a speech, or take notes during a brainstorming session. The site describes the service as a way to “organize the inner universe.”

Mindly comes with multiple functionalities such as, an infinite hierarchy of elements, attach notes, images or icons to any element, different color schemes to make it even more visually appealing and the possibility of exporting mind maps as PDF along with Dropbox sync.

2. MindMeister

MindMeister is another mind mapping app for Android and iOS, where you can organize all your thoughts and information in the form of a diagram or concept map. The app, and share it when you’re done.

MindMeister will let you choose a template you like the most, help you organize, prioritize and even generate new ideas, and collaborate with other users in its development. Once your conceptual outline is complete, you can share it on the web or export it in PDF format.

3. Mindomo

Mindomo creates a powerful environment where you can easily collaborate with others by sharing ideas and working together on mind maps in real-time. The app also offers seamless synchronization of your mind maps to the cloud from any device. We can insert notes in text, links, icons, task lists and images from the gallery or from online services. It includes a multitude of themes to customize the mind maps.

4. miMind

miMind is a multi-purpose, cross-platform, mind mapping app for Android and iOS. This powerful mind mapping tool is designed to create and share ideas and activities, such as project planning, brainstorming ideas, designing, thought structuring, summarizing ideas, discussions, poster presentations, project demonstrations and many other creative applications.

5. XMind

XMind is easy to use mind mapping and brainstorming tool available for Android and iOS with minimal design, smooth experience and powerful features. With XMind, you can manage the notes you have taken during a meeting or conference, outline a lesson to better understand it, create a daily plan before travelling or organize your entire year with a concept map.

6. Orbit Mind

Orbit Mind is a mind mapping app exclusively for Android. With Orbit Mind, you get an overview of your thoughts and ideas by letting you visualize them. The user interface is simple and minimalist, and, according to the developers, they work under the philosophy “less is more”.

7. Mindz

Mindz is a mind mapping tool available for Android that allows you to structure thoughts, collect ideas or plan projects in a simple and clear way in lists. The free version offers you all the basic functions necessary to create a mind map. You can create a maximum of 3 mind maps with 40 nodes each. After that, everything you want to create will have to be paid or carry advertising.

8. Mind Mapping 3D

Mind Mapping 3D let you visualize your great ideas come to life with real 3D mind maps. Make amazing 3D mind maps in Android that include links to anything you need, like web pages and attachments.

That’s it for now; we will soon include more mind mapping apps for Android and iOS to unleash the power of your ideas with mind mapping and concept mapping.

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