13 Fun Brain Teaser Games for Android and iOS to Train Your Brain in 2024

Love to solve puzzles — How about some fun brain teaser games for Android to meddle with your mind during your pastime hours. Here are such 5 best games to train your brain.

Previously we posted, some of the challenging hardest games on Android, the listed brain teaser games are challenging too. Moreover, they not only help to overcome boredom but also improves your memory and mental skills by training your mind with some challenging puzzles.

So play smarter and feel sharper — a strong brain leads to a happier life.

Fun brain teaser games for Android and iOS:

1. Peak

Peak brain teaser games

Peak — challenge your brain with this best brain training game and push your cognitive skills. With a variety of fun games, Peak challenges your memory, attention, problem-solving, mental agility, vocabulary, coordination, creativity and emotion control.

Peak is like a personal trainer for your brain — help you track your progress, schedule mental workouts and also create reminders to never miss them. In 2016, Peak was chosen as one of the best Android apps by Google Play.

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2. Lumosity

Lumosity - brain teaser games

Lumosity — another best choice of brain teaser games on Android. Lumosity comes with a collection of fun, stimulating games and workouts to train your mind, improve problem-solving skills, memory, and focus. Over 40 brain games are available to challenge 5 cognitive abilities and to test your critical thinking. The games are so short that they will easily fit into your everyday schedule.

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3. Memorado

Memorado - brain teaser games

Memorado — next best gym for the fun, personalized workouts geared towards boosting your memory, concentration and reaction skills. The 15 brain teaser games available on Memorado are based on neuroscience and has over 450 levels to help you get sharper. The game also provides an option to challenge your friends to find out who’s smartest.

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4. Elevate

Elevate - brain teaser games

Elevate is somewhat of a different kind of brain training program. Elevate train your mind using games that focus mainly on language skills of reading, writing and speaking. Elevate offers 35+ brain games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension.

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5. NeuroNation

NeuroNation - brain teaser games

With NeuroNation, train your brain with personalized and scientifically developed 29 fun exercises and 7 tailored courses. The brain teaser games available here are not just easy to solve but also fun to play.

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6. Skillz – Logical Brain Game

Skillz - Logic Brain Games

Skillz tests your memory skills and gives your brain an exercise. Irrespective of age, anyone can play this logical game as it is a skill test game. With Skillz you can improve your memory, train your reflexes, increase your accuracy, prove your touch ability, increase your speed and learn color coordination with the game of different kinds.

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7. Brainilis – Brain Games

Brainilis - Brain Games

Brainilis challenge your brain with memory, logic, math and focus games. This brain teaser game is more suitable for adults with 3 difficulty levels for each game. You don’t need internet access and create an account to start playing.

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8. Brain Wars

Brain Wars - brain teaser games

Brain Wars is a competitive brain training game to increase your brain power and compete against players from around the world. In the game, you can outscore your opponents with simple brain teasers or even challenge your friends with real-time matches.

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9. Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

Left vs Right - Brain Games for Brain Training

Left vs Right test six areas of your brain activity — awareness, adaptability, reflex, reasoning, precision, and patience. Left vs Right includes 49 total games that test and train your brain in one or more of the 6 categories.

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10. CogniFit

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit offers scientifically validated tasks to precisely measure and train cognitive skills. CogniFit is a leading interactive mental game application that helps stimulate cognitive skills through personalized daily training. Compare your cognitive skills with the rest of the global population and activate your brain with brain challenges, memory games, puzzles, ingenious games, and much more.

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11. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test brain teaser game

Brain Test is an engaging and addictive puzzle game available on Android, designed to challenge your mind with a series of brain teasers and riddles. This free game has gained popularity for its unique approach to puzzle-solving, encouraging players to think outside the box — making it an excellent choice for players of all ages and offering a fun and challenging way to exercise the brain.

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12. Erudite: Trivia Game & Quiz

Erudite brain teaser game

Erudite is a captivating brain teaser game that promises to enhance cognitive skills while providing endless fun. Erudite is designed to make learning enjoyable and stress-free. It’s not just about answering questions; it’s about engaging your brain in a way that feels more like play than study. The game offers a variety of puzzles and brainteasers that are beneficial for cognitive training, ensuring that your brain stays sharp and active. Erudite is especially great for those who love to challenge themselves and test their knowledge in a fun way.

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13. Brainia

Brainia brain teaser game

Brainia is a comprehensive collection of 35 brain training games designed to stimulate your mind. This app is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their cognitive skills in areas such as logic, memory, math, words, and speed. It includes a range of games that challenge your logical thinking, memory recall, numerical skills, and language abilities. The app dynamically adjusts the difficulty based on your performance and tracks your progress, making it a personalized brain training experience.

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That’s all for now. We will update the list with more brain training games soon. Remember the more you train with these fun brain teaser games for iOS and Android, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are designed to boost productivity, earning power and self-confidence.

So which brain teaser puzzle are you going to play first?

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