Different chatting apps with unique functionalities to serve its users

Being connected via the internet has now become easier than before. Earlier we were just limited to emails then to social networks and now to instant messengers with cross-platform support. But do they really serve their purpose?

A lot of messenger apps are now available for Android users and mostly we go with popular ones like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger because the majority of people are using the same app so been connected with them is easy.

Despite being the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp fails to deliver some of the essential features like transferring of large files, no support for group video calling without any lags and moreover privacy. Because recent incidents clearly show we can’t trust tech giant like Facebook with our data.

If you think your chatting application doesn’t provide all the required features you need then you must check out this list of instant messengers were we recommended some of the best messaging apps you should install according to your needs.

So choose the right instant messenger according to your needs and use its real potential for being connected with loved ones.


Telegram is a privacy-centric open-source messenger app available for Android, iOS, and desktop. Because of its cross-platform support users can log in on multiple devices at the same time and received messages on every device. Telegram also allows users to have multiple accounts — so you can keep work and personal accounts separate.

Apart from its privacy and accessibility, whats make Telegram unique is its file sending capability. With Telegram, you can send files up to 1.5 GB and access them from any of your devices. So Telegram is the right chat app for sending large files to multiple platforms.


Discord is a unique chatting platform for gamers that works on both your desktop and smartphone. In Discord, users can create a server and manage its public visibility and access, and create one or more channels within this service. Both at the server and the user level, Discord allows users to connect accounts to their Twitch.tv or other gaming service account. If you are a gamer, the Discord is an essential app you must install on your devices.


FireChat is an open-source messaging app that works with or without Internet access or cellular data to send text and images. FireChat sends messages directly between mobile devices using peer-to-peer Bluetooth and WiFi connections. It allows for secure communication between individuals anywhere on the mesh network. FireChat is a useful chatting app for community organizers, emergency responders, and private citizens to communicate when cut off from outside networks.


Say is the perfect messenger app available for iOS and Android to stay close with loved ones even when you’re apart. Say video broadcast and message app brings those you care about together, chat, hangout and make memories that last a lifetime through a private and secure connection.

Say enables instant group video conversation by inviting people, talk and share the moment in a real-time video broadcast. Even novice smartphone users like old people can use Say with ease. The app is ad-free to deliver quality, fun and meaningful communication.

Next time, do not stick to only one messaging app — choose them according to your needs.

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