Top 10 Bike Racing Games for Android and iOS in 2024

Mobile bike racing games provide gamers with an adrenaline rush and a thrilling experience. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store have an extensive selection of games that cater to bike racing aficionados’ varying tastes and preferences. From high-speed street racing to off-road adventures, bike racing games for Android and iOS offer a diverse range of gameplay options that keep players engaged and entertained. 

This article will look at some of the best bike racing games for smartphones, as well as their features and gameplay, to help you discover the right game for you.

Best Bike Racing Games for Smartphones

1. MotoGP Racing ’22

In the official game of the MotoGP Elite Championship, ride as your favourite racer and join them on the Fan World Championship podium, or create your own bike and compete with your friends for the highest score. Actual tracks and realistic graphics make MotoGP Racing one of the most stunning bike racing games available for Android and iOS. 

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2. Real Moto

What could be more pleasant for a racing lover than the roaring sound of an engine? Real Moto realistically reproduces all the components of the race, even the engines of each motorcycle, and adaptive control will allow even a novice, even a professional, to cope with the road. The game is based on completing several tests, of which there are over a hundred — be the first to win in-game cash and purchase various upgrades and customization items.

Surely you will be pleased that there is also Real Moto 2, and both games are free.

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3. SBK16 Official Mobile Game

SBK16 invites you to participate in the SBK Superbike World Championship, which has been held worldwide since 1988. You will be allowed not only to evaluate the power of monsters with 200 horsepower (Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, BMW and others) but also to compete with current and past champions (Sylvain Guntoli, Tom Sykes), as well as with 22 other real racers-stars on 13 tracks.

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4. Real Bike Racing

Not tied to any championship, Real Bike Racing will offer you a breeze to ride on nine high-class tracks from around the world, and you can even experience the race in VR glasses. There are ten types of sports bikes to choose from, which can be tested in three competition modes and customized well using the game rewards. The game’s graphics are not the most attractive, but the gameplay is simple and will surely take you away.

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5. Clan Race

Nothing is more pleasant than overtaking real users on difficult off-road tracks, especially a few meters before the finish line. In Clan Race, you will participate in intense multiplayer races — alone or with friends, united in one team. The bikes here are subject to versatile modernization — you can replace or improve all its parts and even create your racer, giving him an individual style and looks.

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6. Trials Frontier

Publisher Ubisoft’s Trials series has long been the number one off-road cross-country racing game on PC, and its mobile version, Trials Frontier, brings classic smartphone gameplay to life for free. It’s worth it — hurricane stunts with realistic physics, multiplayer modes, and the opportunity to explore the world and improve the performance of killer bikes of different classes.

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7. Trial Xtreme 4 Bike Racing

Trial Xtreme 4 Bike Racing — in this merciless game, the developers have brought the physics engine and controls to such a level that you will fly off your bike at the slightest mistake, and it also leaves tire marks on the back — making it very realistic. Try with these conditions to overcome a hundred difficult challenges, which include single and multiplayer races, tournaments and duels. The game will also please you with its well-developed 3D graphics and funny driver customization elements.

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8. Dirt Bike Unchained

Dirt Bike Unchained — a race from the Red Bull team as you build your reputation and work your way up from rookie to brand title helmet holder. On this challenging journey, you’ll challenge real-life motocross legends, ride over 20 famous bikes and enjoy great graphics that don’t look like a mobile game.

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9. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is the twin brother of the hugely popular Traffic Racer — this time, you’re riding a motorcycle in a lot more sophisticated gameplay experience that nevertheless retains the old school joy and simplicity. Traffic Rider elevates the endless racing genre by including a full career mode, first-person view perspective, improved graphics, and real-life recorded bike sounds. The collection consists of 29 motorcycle models, and the engine’s roar was recorded from real bikes. 

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10. Death Moto 4: Road Killer

The Death Moto series has long allowed riders to slap rivals on their helmets with a pipe if they dare to overtake you. In these bike races, it is not at all necessary to come first to the finish line, and it is much more interesting to fight with rivals at high speed, engaging in close combat or equipping the bike with machine guns, rocket launchers and other deadly weapons. “Multi-level crossing! Tornado rampage across rural roads, through the deep silence of the highway, or the rampage on the snowy street.” — you will not get bored and experience a lot of adventure here.

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Bike racing games for Android and iOS offer a thrilling and exciting experience for gamers who love speed, competition, and adventure. These games deliver a genuine racing experience on mobile devices thanks to their amazing graphics, realistic physics, and seamless controls. So, download your favourite bike racing game, hop on your virtual bike, and get ready to race your way to victory!

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