Google Urges Users to Update Chrome Browser Immediately Due to Exploited Vulnerability

Google has issued an urgent warning to Windows, macOS, and Linux Chrome browser users to update their browsers immediately. 

A vulnerability is known as CVE-2023-2033 was discovered by experts from Bleeping Computer, who claim it could have existed since the beginning of this year. Hackers might exploit it to install spyware on the desktops or smartphones of Chrome browser users. The vulnerability has been designated a “high severity” problem, and Google has not revealed technical specifics to prevent cyber criminals from exploiting the bug.

Users may update the Chrome browser by going to Settings and selecting the “About Chrome” option. After the update, the browser version should be 112.0.5615.121 on all three platforms. Google strongly recommends that users not delay installing this patch as exploitation cases have already been identified.

Users of other Chromium-based browsers, including Edge and Brave, should also check for updates. While Chrome will check for updates automatically, many people keep their browsers open for lengthy periods, which means they may not receive the most recent update unless they take deliberate action.

To avoid any potential attacks, it is suggested that all Chrome browser users check their browser version and install the update as soon as possible. Google has issued this warning to protect its users’ security and prevent the spreading of any potential virus.

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