Google Paid Out a Record $12M as Bug Bounty Reward in 2022

Google has released the results of its Vulnerability Reward program, which rewards ethical hackers for bugs and vulnerabilities found in the company’s products. In 2022 this figure reached a record — more than $12 million for more than 2900 vulnerabilities found.

Interestingly, the company paid the largest reward for identifying a chain of exploits using five separate vulnerabilities in Android — $605,000. This specialist turned out to be a man known by the nickname gzobqq, and in 2021 he also identified another exploit chain in Android, which brought him $157,000. Both of these rewards at one time were record-breaking for finding errors in Android.

The company paid $4.8 million in rewards for the Android segment. The most active experts reported 200, 150, and 100 vulnerabilities, respectively. 

Google also paid around $500,000 for 700 vulnerabilities uncovered as part of a closed ACSRP initiative focused on boosting Android chipsets security. Google rewarded hackers $4 million for 363 vulnerabilities discovered in the Chrome browser and 110 vulnerabilities discovered in the Chrome OS platform.

In comparison, Microsoft revealed in August last year that it paid $13.7 million to 330 professionals in 46 countries — the highest payment was $200,000, and the average was $12 000. In 2022, Apple gave out $20 million under a similar scheme, with awards averaging $40,000.

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