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Mojo Lens

Mojo Lens: AR Smart Contact Lenses Tested On Humans For The First Time

Mojo Visions is the first company to introduce augmented reality lenses — Mojo Lens. A full-fledged test has already been carried out and CEO Drew Perkins himself volunteered to test the first fully functional smart...
ARM Immortalis

Immortalis-G715: ARM Unveils Its First Mobile GPU With Hardware-Based Ray Tracing

ARM has announced the Immortalis-G715 flagship mobile GPU. This is the first ARM graphics to support hardware-based accelerated ray tracing.The technology allows you to create realistic lighting, as well as handle reflections and shadows, also...
Samsung Display Acquires OLED Startup Cynora

Samsung Display Acquires German OLED Startup Cynora

Samsung Display has bought the German startup Cynora for around 300 million US dollars.According to Bloomberg, the takeover has not yet been publicly announced — although author Mark Gurman is apparently certain that his sources...
PCIe standard

PCI-SIG Unveiled The Latest PCI Express 7.0 Standard: Eight Times Faster Than PCIe 5.0

At the PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2022, the new PCI Express 7.0 standard was announced. The PCI-SIG consortium, which deals with the development and standardization of PCI, announced that the final specifications of the new bus version...
Amazon Alexa To Speak In The Voices Of Deceased Loved Ones

Amazon Alexa Will Be Able To Speak In The Voices Of Deceased Loved Ones

As part of the re:Mars conference, Amazon introduced a new feature for the Alexa that will make the voice assistant to speak in the voices of departed loved ones.During the demonstration, it was possible to see...
MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Plus

Dimensity 9000+: MediaTek Flagship Processor With More Power And Efficiency To Compete Against Qualcomm

MediaTek announced its first 4nm flagship processor Dimensity 9000 last November. The manufacturer is now introducing the Dimensity 9000+ chipset, which is a minor upgrade over its predecessor and at the same time an answer to...
iOS 16 Bypass CAPTCHAs

iOS 16 And macOS Ventura Will Allow You To Bypass CAPTCHAs

Tired of confirming that you are not a robot? Don't worry; when updating your iPhone to iOS 16, Apple will include a new feature on your device that will allow you to bypass CAPTCHA implemented on...
USB-C single mobile charging port

The United States Also Wants To Introduce Single Mobile Charging Port

The United States, following the European Union, plans to adopt a single charging port for smartphones.Last Thursday, a group of US senators published an open letter to the US Department of Commerce asking to approve USB-C as...