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Meta Smartwatch With Detachable Screen

Meta Patents Smartwatch With Detachable Screen And Three Built-in Cameras

Last year, Facebook was reported to be working on its first smartwatch. Now Facebook-owned company Meta has patented an unusual smartwatch design that features a detachable screen and three built-in cameras.According to LetsGoDigital, the patent was filed on...
Android Devices Should Work Better Together

Google Announced Plans For How Android Devices Should Work Better Together In The Future

In 2022, Google wants to build its Android and device ecosystem into a truly comprehensive experience and enable better communication and interoperability of the individual devices with each other, as the manufacturer announces in its...
Samsung Odyssey Ark

Odyssey Ark: Samsung Introduces 55-Inch Curved Monitor Intended For Portrait Use

Samsung presented a strange monitor at CES 2022 — the Odyssey Ark, a 55-inch curved gaming-grade monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio, with Quantum Dot Mini LED technology and was also developed for operation...
Triple-Screen Smartphone

Microsoft And Samsung Lay The Groundwork For Future Double-Folding, Triple-Screen Smartphone

Microsoft and Samsung illustrate how their next generations of foldable smartphones could come with a triple folding screen system.The patents registered by both companies demonstrate the possibility of such implementation — focus on the...
Apple Silicon SoC

Apple Silicon Will Be Updated Every 18 Months And M2 Will Be Launched In...

The Apple Silicon family is now made up of a total of three chipsets — M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max — and according to the latest report, the company's plan is to introduce a new iteration...

Cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth: Apple Will Soon Start Producing More Of Its Own Chips

Apple creates a team to manufacture wireless chips in-house. While the company uses chips, Broadcom and Skyworks Solutions, but seeks to reduce dependence on external suppliers.According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Apple plans to...
Oppo Find N

Find N: Oppo Launches Its First Foldable Smartphone

Oppo enters the foldable smartphone market with the Find N — to directly face Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3.According to Oppo, four years of research and six generations of prototypes lie behind Find N.Oppo...
Oppo Air Glass

Oppo Air Glass: OPPO Lands In The World Of “Assisted Reality” Eyewear

Along with MariSilicon X, Oppo has officially presented Oppo Air Glass at INNO Day 2021 — its first "assisted reality" glasses.Calling them "glasses" is not really accurate, as they are not actual glasses. The Oppo Air Glass...