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Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro: Google Has Unveiled Its Two New Smartphones

The new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have finally been unveiled by Google along with Pixel Watch. Aesthetically we had already seen them, they resemble those of last year, but they are better finished, they are...
Google Pixel Watch

Pixel Watch: Google Has Finally Unveiled Its First Smartwatch

Google has introduced its first own smartwatch — Pixel Watch — which comes with a pure version of Wear OS 3.5 and, thanks to the integration of Fitbit purchased from Google, is particularly suitable for recording...
Samsung Foundry

Samsung Plans To Start Making Chips Using 2nm Process By 2025 And 1.4nm Process...

At the Samsung Foundry Forum 2022, the contract manufacturer defined its ambitious goals up to the year 2027. Accordingly, the 2nm production at Samsung is still planned for 2025, with 1.4m to follow two years later....
First PlayStation 5 Jailbreak

First PlayStation 5 Jailbreak Seems To Be Available In The Pirate Circuits

A limited but working jailbreak for PlayStation 5 hardware has been reportedly released, potentially allowing you to get root rights and access to pirated content.The first PlayStation 5 jailbreak makes it possible to run...
Tesla Dojo

Dojo: Tesla Introduced Its Most Powerful Supercomputer

Tesla unveiled the latest version of its Dojo supercomputer as part of its AI Day event. The supercomputer was developed by the company's specialists from scratch.The Dojo is optimized for AI algorithms, in particular...
Google Stadia new games

Google Has Officially Announced The Closure Of Stadia

Google is exiting the cloud gaming business and discontinuing its Stadia service.Google will discontinue the Stadia cloud gaming service on January 18, 2023. Phil Harrison, who is responsible for Stadia at Google, announced this...
Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM

Zero Trust SIM: Cloudflare Launches eSIM To Secure Smartphones And Networks

Cloudflare, Inc. announced the development of Zero Trust SIM — this is the first solution to secure every packet of data from a mobile device. The Zero Trust SIM in development at Cloudflare will enable organizations to...
iPhone collection

How to Get an iPhone Almost for Free

Getting iPhones for free is a dream to come true. This popular device can be yours without any payments. But you may end up paying something along the line.So let’s see how you can...