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AMD Ryzen news and stories and reports

Precision Boost Overdrive 2: AMD Ryzen 5000 Soon Get Adaptive Undervolting

AMD has introduced the Precision Boost Overdrive 2 (PBO2) for the Ryzen 5000 series processors.With this feature, if you combine a Zen 3 CPU with a 500/400 motherboard, including Agesa v1.1.8.0, you will be able to...
Spotify Can Stream On Apple Watch Without An iPhone

A guide to some of the coolest features you can use on your Apple...

Smart watches have recently been at the forefront of cool, new technological developments, and in that sphere Apple is definitely one of the most well-known and leading players. With each new model the features...
Intel NUC M15

NUC M15 Laptop: Intel Introduces Its Own Whitebook With Tiger Lake Processor

Intel has announced the new NUC M15, a laptop that won't actually hit the market under the Intel brand name but under low-priced brands.The laptop market is already dominated by brands like Dell, Asus,...
Microsoft Pluton

Microsoft Pluton: A Security Processor In Collaboration With AMD, Intel, And Qualcomm

The Redmond giant has presented Microsoft Pluton — a security chip designed to improve the protection of any compatible PC based on Windows 10.Microsoft, in collaboration with Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm, aims to raise...
First Three Macs With Apple M1 Processor

Apple Announced First Three Macs With Apple M1 Processor

Intel out, Apple Silicon in: Apple has finally presented the first three Macs with Apple M1 — the first processor from the Apple Silicon family.The new Apple M1 SoC is equipped with eight CPU...
Apple M1

Apple M1: First Apple Silicon Processor Outperform The Competition

Apple M1 — the first processor of the Apple Silicon family, has arrived. The Apple M1 SoC is the first step of the company in its total transition towards ARM architecture. M1 will replace Intel's...

AMD Gained 22.4 Percent CPU Market Share Ahead Of Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 Sale

AMD Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 processors have yet to hit the market, but according to recent reports AMD was able to gain a significant market share in the x86 processor business in the third...
Spotify Can Stream On Apple Watch Without An iPhone

Now Spotify Can Stream On Apple Watch Without An iPhone

Spotify for Apple Watch is trying to add one of the most requested functions by users — being able to play content without depending on the iPhone.Now Spotify enables standalone streaming through the app...