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Microsoft Surface news and stories

A New Patent Reimagines Microsoft Surface With Interchangeable Chassis

The new idea to defeat MacBook — a new patent from Microsoft reveals its intention to develop modular Surface computers, with interchangeable chassis.The patent details a modular system integrated directly into the chassis of...
Apple has decided to no longer include the charger with the new iPhone 12

Apple Plans To Produce 230 Million iPhones In 2021

Apple has announced its contract manufacturers in Asia that it will produce up to 96 million iPhones in the first half of 2021. In total, Apple plans to produce 230 million smartphones in 2021,...
Install Windows 10 Or Linux On Mac With Apple M1

How To Install Windows 10 Or Linux On Mac With Apple M1

Installing Windows 10 on an Apple M1 or on popular GNU / Linux distributions is now possible through virtualization.Ever since the Apple M1 SoC of Silicon family made an appearance, modding enthusiasts have been...
MacBook Air with M1

Completely Redesigned MacBooks With Apple Silicon And Mini-LED Screens Coming In 2021

New rumors state that in 2021, Apple is planning to launch completely redesigned MacBook Pros with Apple Silicon and screens with mini-LED technology.Recently introduced Macs with M1 processors has proven to be true beasts...
Porting Linux To Macs With Apple Silicon

Developer Working On Porting Linux To Macs With Apple Silicon

Developer Hector Martin, also known in the Linux community as "Marcan" and who likes to define himself as "one who likes to put Linux on things," has launched a Patreon that aims to raise...
Apple M1

Developer Managed To Work Windows On Macs With M1 Chips

Developer Alexander Graf managed to launch a virtualization instance for the Windows for ARM operating system on a Mac system equipped with the M1 chip.Currently, Macs with M1 chips do not offer official Windows...
Intel NUC M15

NUC M15 Laptop: Intel Introduces Its Own Whitebook With Tiger Lake Processor

Intel has announced the new NUC M15, a laptop that won't actually hit the market under the Intel brand name but under low-priced brands.The laptop market is already dominated by brands like Dell, Asus,...
First Three Macs With Apple M1 Processor

Apple Announced First Three Macs With Apple M1 Processor

Intel out, Apple Silicon in: Apple has finally presented the first three Macs with Apple M1 — the first processor from the Apple Silicon family.The new Apple M1 SoC is equipped with eight CPU...