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KDE And GNOME On M2 MacBook Air

KDE And GNOME On MacBook Air With Apple M2 Chip

The Linux developer and YouTuber Asahi Lina (@LinaAsahi) has now announced the implementation of support for the Apple M2 chips and the successful launch of the KDE and GNOME user environments on the Apple MacBook Air with the...
Monitor Buying Guide

Monitor Buying Guide: Buy The Best Monitor For Your Setup

The monitor is an essential component for anyone who spends a significant amount of time in front of a computer, not only for the eyes' well-being but also to find work more enjoyable. Since...
adoption rate of Windows 11

Microsoft Explains Settings To Improve Gaming Performance On Windows 11

When Microsoft launched Windows 11, it was touted for improving gaming performance. However, after several tests were actually conducted, Windows 11 did not show any noticeable changes compared to Windows 10 in terms of game performance. Perhaps...
USB-C Instead Of Lightning

USB-C Instead Of Lightning: Apple Is Forced To Comply With The EU Regulation

After the European Union made the USB-C connection mandatory in 2024, Apple had to give in — iPhones will no longer have a Lightning port in the future.To comply with the new rule of the EU,...
adoption rate of Windows 11

4 Out Of 10 PCs Are Still Incompatible With Windows 11

On October 5th 2021, Microsoft announced the arrival of the next-generation operating system, Windows 11. At that time, the new version of the operating system brought a new "Start" menu and taskbar, powerful cloud and Microsoft...
Windows PC Crashes

11 Main Reasons: Why Does Windows PC Crashes?

The "blue screen" was a nasty habit on Windows XP and previous versions, and it significantly slowed down many types of PC operations at the time. Although it is less common nowadays, this does...
Lenovo Rollable Display Devices

Lenovo Shows Its Rollable Smartphone

Lenovo has previewed the possibilities of future flexible screens by presenting a couple of prototypes, a smartphone and a laptop.After a bumpy start, foldable phones are now finding their place in the market. Models...
cloud gaming Chromebooks

Google Announces New Chromebooks Dedicated For Cloud Gaming

Following the failure of Stadia, which will be retired in a few months, Google has announced the launch of new Chromebooks designed specifically for cloud gaming.Google has partnered with Asus, Lenovo, and Acer, three manufacturers with...