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First Native RISC-V Laptop ROMA

ROMA: World’s First Native RISC-V Laptop Unveiled

Chinese companies DeepComputing and Xcalibyte began accepting pre-orders for the world's first laptop, ROMA, based on a RISC-V architecture processor. It's expected to begin shipping toward the end of the fourth quarter of 2022.ROMA...
PCIe standard

PCI-SIG Unveiled The Latest PCI Express 7.0 Standard: Eight Times Faster Than PCIe 5.0

At the PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2022, the new PCI Express 7.0 standard was announced. The PCI-SIG consortium, which deals with the development and standardization of PCI, announced that the final specifications of the new bus version...
iOS 16 Bypass CAPTCHAs

iOS 16 And macOS Ventura Will Allow You To Bypass CAPTCHAs

Tired of confirming that you are not a robot? Don't worry; when updating your iPhone to iOS 16, Apple will include a new feature on your device that will allow you to bypass CAPTCHA implemented on...
Microsoft Make SSD A Mandatory Requirement for Windows 11

Microsoft Going To Make SSD A Mandatory Requirement For New PCs Preinstalled With Windows...

Microsoft is allegedly pushing PC and laptop OEMs to switch to SSDs as the primary boot device for Windows 11, abandoning hard drives. This is reported by Toms Hardware with reference to the industry analysts Trendfocus.It should...
macOS 13 Ventura

macOS 13 Ventura: New macOS Focused On Security And Productivity

Apple has officially announced macOS 13 Ventura with new features focused on security and productivity.One of the new features in macOS 13 Ventura is Stage Manager. As in iPadOS 16, the function is also used in...
Microsoft Project Volterra

Project Volterra: Microsoft Introduces Mac Mini Kinda Device With Qualcomm ARM Processor

At its annual developer conference Build 2022, Microsoft unveiled its first Windows Development Kit on ARM — Project Volterra — a minicomputer similar to Apple's Mac Mini that hides a Qualcomm ARM processor inside.https://youtu.be/yICVNta8jMUThe hardware is...
Lenovo Legion Series Laptops

Is It Worth Building Your Own Laptop?

Many people are surprised to learn that Gen Z-ers are less adept at troubleshooting tech than millennials. Technology is advancing every day. Shouldn't younger generations be better at working with it than those who...
Android Devices Should Work Better Together

Google Announced Plans For How Android Devices Should Work Better Together In The Future

In 2022, Google wants to build its Android and device ecosystem into a truly comprehensive experience and enable better communication and interoperability of the individual devices with each other, as the manufacturer announces in its...