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Ryzen 5000 Mobile

AMD Introduces New Ryzen 5000 Mobile With Zen 3 Microarchitecture

At CES 2021, Lisa Su, the general director of AMD, announced the company's new microprocessors for laptops — the Ryzen 5000 Mobile with Zen 3 microarchitecture.These chips are built on the same technology used...
Razer Project Brooklyn

Razer Project Brooklyn: A Gaming Chair With A Rollable 60-Inch OLED

At CES 2021, Razer presented "Project Brooklyn" — a future project of an immense gaming setup.With the Brooklyn project, Razer is working on the compact carbon fiber gaming chair of the future, which unfolds a curved,...
Qualcomm Snapdragon 480

Snapdragon 480: Qualcomm Brings 5G To Entry-Level Smartphones

Qualcomm launched Snapdragon 480, the cheapest series from Qualcomm for entry-level smartphones that integrates a 5G baseband. Snapdragon 480 aims to offer some of the features typical in the past of the high and mid-range models,...
AMD chiplet design for GPU

AMD Would Work On A Chiplet Design For GPU

According to a new patent, AMD is potentially planning in the future with graphics chips in the modular chiplet design. However, such a concept applied to GPUs is complex and expensive, according to AMD.As...
LG To Present The World First Flexible OLED Gaming Monitor

LG To Present The World’s First Flexible 48-inch OLED Gaming Monitor At CES 2021

LG will use the digital CES 2021, which starts on January 11th, to present the world's first flexible 48-inch OLED display. The display is called CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) and is intended to enable...
Caviar AirPods Max

Over $100,000: This Is The Most Luxurious AirPods Max

If Apple's AirPods Max sounded expensive to you, then you should check out this extremely luxurious version made by Caviar, a company known for offering unique and extremely expensive versions of the latest Apple...
Microsoft Surface news and stories

A New Patent Reimagines Microsoft Surface With Interchangeable Chassis

The new idea to defeat MacBook — a new patent from Microsoft reveals its intention to develop modular Surface computers, with interchangeable chassis.The patent details a modular system integrated directly into the chassis of...
Intel News and Stories

Intel Has Doubled The production Of 10/14nm Chips In Three Years

When one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world suffers from manufacturing problems, it affects the entire PC industry. From Intel's point of view, the news that its own production facilities have doubled their output...