ASUS Unveils Futuristic Cable-Free Graphics Cards

ASUS has announced the launch of its innovative ‘Back-to-the-Future’ (BTF) series, featuring high-end, cable-free graphics cards and motherboards.

ASUS’s latest BTF technology, which has been in the works since 2022, is now ready to transform the market. The company has developed a system that hides cables within the PC, offering a sleek and uncluttered look. This advancement was recently showcased at the CES 2024 event, where ASUS revealed its ‘BTF Editions’ of hardware.

The company has designed motherboards with rear-side cable connections and an additional connector strip on graphics cards, known as “GC-HPWR.” This design allows for up to 600 watts of power to be drawn directly from a slot on the motherboard, named “HPCE,” eliminating the need for traditional external cabling.

Leading the charge in this new line are the ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 BTF Edition and the ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super BTF White Edition. These graphics cards are equipped with the GC-HPWR interface, distinguishing them from their standard counterparts. While the previously showcased RTX 4070 is not set for release, these new models are poised to make a significant impact in the market.

To complement these innovative graphics cards, ASUS is also launching two BTF Edition motherboards — the ROG Maximus Hero and TUF Gaming with Z790. Available in both black and white, these mainboards are designed to integrate seamlessly with the BTF Edition graphics cards, offering a cohesive and efficient building experience.

ASUS has also introduced two BTF Edition cases, the white TUF Gaming GT302 ARGB and the black ROG Hyperion GR701 BTF Edition. These cases are specifically designed to accommodate the unique cable routing required by the BTF system, ensuring a clean and efficient setup.

In a move to expand the BTF ecosystem, ASUS has formed the “BTF Alliance” with several partners, including Aerocool, be quiet!, Cooler Master, Corsair, In Win, Lian Li, Phanteks, Silverstone, and Thermaltake. This alliance aims to bring compatible cases to the market, further supporting the BTF technology.

ASUS is not the only player in the quest for a cable-free PC future. MSI’s “Project Zero” and Gigabyte’s “Project Stealth” are also aiming to hide cables within the PC. While MSI showcases traditional graphics cards in its Project Zero showcases, Gigabyte experiments with PCIe connections on the rear side of the graphics card.

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