Apple Wants to Run AI Tools Like ChatGPT Directly on the iPhone

Apple is advancing its iPhone technology with new AI developments, including a method to run large language models (LLMs) directly on devices and a generative AI model named "Ajax". These innovations, set to transform Siri and introduce animatable digital avatars, position Apple at the forefront of integrating sophisticated AI into consumer technology.

Apple is making strides in artificial intelligence, with significant implications for its flagship product, the iPhone. Researchers at Apple have recently published studies revealing a series of AI-driven features that could potentially transform the iPhone user experience.

Unlike its competitors, Apple has maintained a low profile in its AI advancements. However, the recent publication of research papers indicates that Apple is preparing to introduce new functions for iPhones. These developments include a rumored chatbot and a project involving digital avatars.

One of the most notable advancements is Apple’s development of a method to operate large language models (LLMs), like those powering ChatGPT, on iPhones with limited DRAM memory. This would allow iPhones and iPads to run AI systems directly, instead of relying on external servers. The research, titled “LLM in a Flash,” addresses a significant computational bottleneck by optimizing data transfer and reading in the memory flash, offering a more efficient approach to running these models.

Apple is reportedly working on its own generative AI model, tentatively named “Ajax” or “Apple GPT.” With an impressive 200 billion parameters, Ajax is designed to rival OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4 models in language understanding and generation. Also, at the end of last month, Apple introduced MLX, a framework for developing machine learning models.

Apart from that, Apple is using LLM technology to revamp Siri into a more powerful virtual assistant. This development is part of a broader effort to integrate AI into Apple’s suite of applications, with expectations for a reveal at the WWDC 2024 during the iOS 18 developer preview.

Another intriguing project involves creating animatable digital avatars from brief videos. This AI generative tool, HUGS, can generate animated avatars from 50 to 100 frames of video, offering potential applications in social media, gaming, and augmented reality. The capacity to animate and place avatars in various scenes, utilizing the iPhone’s camera and processing power.

Apple’s AI endeavors come at a time when the mobile industry is increasingly focusing on AI. Competitors like Google, Microsoft backed OpenAI are also exploring AI integration in smartphones. Market research predicts that by 2024, over 100 million AI-centric smartphones will be shipped, with a projection that 40% of new devices will offer AI functions by 2027.

Amaya Simon
Amaya Simon
Amaya Simon is a seasoned programmer specializing in smart devices, AI, and machine learning. With a Master's in Computer Science and a decade of experience, she writes to demystify complex tech. Outside work, she's a robot-building, origami-loving mom.


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