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Vivo X90 Series

Vivo X90 Series: First Smartphone To Feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 And Dimensity 9200

While MediaTek and Qualcomm have just announced their annual flagship processors, Vivo has announced their X90 series ahead of schedule, revealing the use of the Dimensity 9200 processor and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.In contrast to the conventional...
Emergency SOS Via Satellite

Emergency SOS Via Satellite For iPhone 14 Series Available In The US And Canada

One of the most exclusive innovations of the iPhone 14 was the Emergency SOS service, which lets you send messages to emergency services via satellite if the user is in a dangerous situation outside of cellular...
iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

Mobile Phones to Buy Before the End of 2022

With a few exceptions, the term that best describes the big phone releases in 2022 is "iterative." 2022 has been mostly about minor adjustments that make handsets more polished but don't provide much motivation...
Google Pixel 7 series smartphone

Pixel 7 Is The First 64-Bit Smartphone

Android mobile with the system to support 64-bit apps means that it has some important advantages related to security, performance and efficiency for day-to-day uses. The first smartphone to support that is the Google Pixel...
Samsung Maintenance Mode

Samsung Has Launched ‘Maintenance Mode’ To Protect User Data

Entrusting your phone to a repairer is often stressful. After a successful pilot program in South Korea and initial launch in China, Samsung has launched the Maintenance Mode — a privacy protection feature for some of...
USB-C Instead Of Lightning

USB-C Instead Of Lightning: Apple Is Forced To Comply With The EU Regulation

After the European Union made the USB-C connection mandatory in 2024, Apple had to give in — iPhones will no longer have a Lightning port in the future.To comply with the new rule of the EU,...
iPad Pro M2 with macOS

Apple Is Reportedly Testing macOS For iPad Pro With M2

Apple starts testing macOS 14 for the iPad Pro with M2. On Twitter, the often well-informed Majin Bu claims that Apple is working on a slimmed-down version of macOS exclusively for the iPad Pro with...
Lenovo Rollable Display Devices

Lenovo Shows Its Rollable Smartphone

Lenovo has previewed the possibilities of future flexible screens by presenting a couple of prototypes, a smartphone and a laptop.After a bumpy start, foldable phones are now finding their place in the market. Models...