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EVA Humanoid Head

EVA: This Humanoid Head Can Copy Facial Expressions And Manifest Emotions

Meet EVA, a humanoid developed by a team of engineering researchers from Columbia University in New York City. Specifically, it is a robotic head that has been designed with the aim of exploring the dynamics of...
Samsung Latest Tests With 6G Connectivity

Samsung Latest Tests With 6G Connectivity: 50 Times Faster Than 5G And Almost No...

Technology advances at incredible rates. Although we are not in full transition to 5G connectivity, manufacturers are already testing their proposals for the future 6G.The University of California team of researchers has teamed up...
Technology and water pollution

How Technology Can Help Students Fight Water Pollution

Water pollution is a critical issue threatening populations across the planet, and though some of us might not even notice it, billions of people around the world have limited access to clean water. Luckily,...
AI-Powered App Will Detect Depression

This AI-Powered App Will Detect If A Person Has Depression Just By Listening To...

The technology industry has evolved so much that a variety of devices are now used to assist the healthcare sector. Researchers at the University of Maryland in the United States are creating an application...
Best Tools To Improve Your Programming And Coding Skills

12 Best Tools To Improve Your Programming And Coding Skills In 2021

How to improve your programming and coding skills? — To build skills in code, write code.Solving different types of coding problems regularly improves your coding skills. Going through many practice problems is a great way to solidify...
Learning to Code Online

Learning to Code Online is Summer Fun for Kids

There are different ways for children to have unbridled fun in the summer. Playing and exploring in the Great Outdoors is fantastic, but many kids feel at home with video games.Parents are understandably wary...
Facebook Detects Deepfakes

Facebook’s New Tool Detects Deepfakes And Track Their Source

The Facebook AI team, in collaboration with Michigan State University, has presented a research approach "of detecting and attributing deepfakes" that is based on "reverse engineering from a single AI-generated image to the generative...
Spotify Greenroom

Clubhouse Has A Powerful New Competitor: Spotify Launches Spotify Greenroom

Inspired by Clubhouse, Spotify has just announced a new application — Spotify Greenrooms, designed to create audio rooms between different people.Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and LinkedIn are just a few names that have joined the bandwagon of virtual audio...