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Alphabet Project Taara

Alphabet’s Project Taara Transmits 700 TB Of Data Over 5 Kilometers Using Light Beams

Last January, Google parent company, Alphabet, closed one of the most ambitious connection projects, Project Loon, with which they sought to provide internet through balloons located at high altitude. However, the Free Space Optical...
Microsoft passwordless login

You No Longer Need A Password To Access Your Microsoft Account

Microsoft enables passwordless login. This allows customers to sign in to their Microsoft account without having to enter passwords. Instead, the respective account is linked to a second factor, such as Windows Hello, the Microsoft...
Data Recovery Tools For Any Device

5 Best Data Recovery Tools For Any Device

Cybercrime has dramatically escalated in the wake of the digital revolution and the increased demand for digital business solutions. Also, data losses due to unintentional deletion or crushed hardware are placing businesses on critical...
Activate WhatsApp Stickers On Android Smartphone

WhatsApp Will Soon Allow You To Send Any Photo As A Sticker

WhatsApp stickers are one of the tremendously popular features in the application, and many users create custom stickers with the help of third-party apps. However, soon WhatsApp will allow you to send images directly...
HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Best Practices For HIPAA Compliant Messaging and Chat

Every day, more people chat to talk to friends, family members, and acquaintances. Besides convenience, instant messaging and chat services also provide an additional layer of security. Thus, this additional layer of security makes...
Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021 Will Be Released Together With Windows 11

Microsoft will release Office 2021 to the general public on the same day as Windows 11, on October 5, 2021. The Office 2021 LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) is already available as a download...
SpaceX Inspiration4 First Civilians mission

Inspiration4: SpaceX Marks A New Milestone In The Private Space Race By Sending The...

A new milestone for SpaceX and Elon Musk — it is already the first company to take civilians into space.The Inspiration4 became the first orbital launch of a new generation space race whose crew...
online writing service

How to Use Tech to Increase Personal Productivity

If you’re having trouble being productive during the day, it’s possible that you’re using technology wrong. In fact, you’re probably letting technology distract you from your work rather than utilizing it as a force...