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Microsoft CorePC

Microsoft CorePC: A Modular and Customizable Version of Windows with AI

Microsoft is gearing up for another attempt to modernize its Windows platform with a new project called CorePC. The project is focused on creating a modular and customizable version of Windows, emphasizing modularity, security, and the...
Best Android Hacking Apps And Tools

Selected 42 Best Android Hacking Apps And Tools (Updated 2023)

Best Android hacking apps — one of the most searched queries in Google. Nowadays, every geek wants to tweak their Android smartphone into a hacking device. But most of them don't know where to start, or what...
Monetize Bing Chat with Ads

Microsoft Confirms Plans to Monetize Bing Chat with Ads

Microsoft's Bing Chat has been troubled by high computational expenses, and the company is thought to be desperate for a way to monetize the service as quickly as possible. Ads in Bing Chat have...
technology behind bingo slots

The technology behind bingo slots

Bingo slots are an increasingly popular game, but how do they actually work? The technology behind the game is surprisingly interesting. It used to be the case that if you wanted to play bingo, you...
Disney Scraps Metaverse Plans

Disney Scraps Metaverse Plans as Part of Divisional Layoffs

Disney had planned to enter the so-called Metaverse for its next-generation storytelling and consumer experience, but The Wall Street Journal reported that the plan was scrapped as part of divisional layoffs. The team, which consists of...
Apple Pay Later

Apple Launches Apple Pay Later Service in the US

Apple has announced a new post-payment feature called ApplePay Later. The service allows Apple Pay purchases to be split into four instalments over six weeks and paid without interest or late fees. This feature is designed...

NVIDIA Announces AutoDMP, a New AI-Accelerated Tool for Chip Design

NVIDIA has introduced AutoDMP (Automated DREAMPlace-based Macro Placement), a new tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize chip design. AutoDMP uses AI to automate putting macros, big blocks of integrated circuits (ICs) commonly used in...
Apple news and stories and more

Apple Quietly Acquires WaveOne, a Startup Developing AI-powered Video Compression Algorithms

TechCrunch has recently reported that Apple has quietly acquired WaveOne, a Mountain View-based startup that developed AI-powered video compression algorithms. WaveOne's website was shut down around January, and former employees, including one of the co-founders, already...