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Instagram Will Introduce New Parental Controls On Its Platform

Instagram has introduced new parental control features for the safety of teens on the platform, said the head of the social network, Adam Mosseri.According to Mosseri, the company has been working for a long...
OneDrive news and stories

Microsoft OneDrive Is Available For Windows On ARM And M1 Macbooks

The Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage service has been released as an official preview for Windows on ARM and macOS on Apple M1.The software will run on devices such as the Surface Pro X and...
Windows 11 Change The Default Browser

Windows 11 Reintroduce The Ability To Change The Default Browser In A Simple Way

In Windows 11, changing the default browser was made more difficult — instead of using one browser for all web file types, users have to select a browser for each file extension individually.The community and other...
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Role of Technology in the Era of Pandemic

The year 2020 was all about the lockdown and staying at home due to the global pandemic. It is true that social distancing and confining within four walls made many of us feel agitated...
Track Expenses-Best Budgeting Apps For Android

10 Best Budgeting Apps For Android To Track Expenses

Getting your finances on track isn't as easy as it looks. But in the modern world, with the help of your smartphone, managing personal finance became easy. Now we have a lot of the...
AI news and stories

How to Automate Testing in the Age of AI’s

A couple of years ago, Artificial Intelligence was just a dream. However, it has now become a very important part of our lives today to a point that some people cannot imagine life without...
Snapdragon G3x Gen 1

Snapdragon G3x Gen 1: Qualcomm With Razer Presents A Portable Console

Qualcomm proposes a leap in gaming hardware with the presentation of the new Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform. Qualcomm has developed a processor intended for gaming and has teamed up with Razer to build...
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iGaming Sites That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are anything like us, the possibilities when it comes to iGaming is something that manages to truly capture our excitement. Even within the past few years alone, the number of amazing new iGaming...