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Chat without internet

Chat Without Internet With These Messaging Apps For Android And iOS

Mostly public cut off from the internet when there is a natural calamity or statewide internet ban initiated by the government. In both cases, without the internet or mobile network connection, every smartphone becomes...
A-Z List Of Windows CMD Commands -Also Included CMD Commands PDF

A-Z List Of Windows CMD Commands — Also Included CMD Commands PDF

Here is the list of all Windows CMD commands sorted alphabetically along with exclusive CMD commands pdf file for future reference for both pro and newbies.Command Prompt and CMD Commands are unknown territories for...
Detect Deepfakes In Video Calls

Now Anyone Can Easily Detect Deepfakes In Video Calls

Last month FBI warned about scammers impersonating someone else by using deepfakes in interviews to get remote IT jobs. While the purpose of these actions has nothing to do with getting the job, it does present...
Nvidia Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine

Nvidia Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine: A Set Of Cloud-Based AI Tools For Metaverse Developers

As part of its metaverse program — Omniverse — Nvidia has announced Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) — a collection of cloud-native AI tools to assist metaverse developers.With the available set of cloud-based AI models and services...
Best Open Source Encrypted Messaging Android Apps

15 Best Open-Source Encrypted Messaging Android Apps For Privacy Concerned People (2022 List)

Nowadays almost every famous chat apps available for Android supports encrypted messaging. However, some of them are owned by tech giants like Facebook tends us to doubt the extent of the credibility of those apps...
Netflix Stranger Things Games

Less Than 1% Of Netflix Subscribers Play The Games

Netflix has been betting on video games for some time as a way to offer added value to its subscribers, who have experienced a huge drop.According to Apptopia, an analytics company, Netflix subscribers are not...
DuckDuckGo Blocks Microsoft Trackers

DuckDuckGo Now Also Blocks Microsoft Trackers

In May 2022 — a dark DuckDuckGo secret came to light— security researcher Zach Edwards pointed out that Microsoft domains and scripts were excluded from DuckDuckGo tracking protection.The company has finally come up with a fix....
Microsoft Xbox Series S

Microsoft Will Improve Graphics Of New Games For The Low-Cost Xbox Series S

After game developers complained about the Xbox Series S memory limitations, Microsoft has started distributing an update to the game console's software development kit that can improve graphics performance by allowing developers to access...