make money with smartphone

Best Ways To Make Money On Your Smartphone

Smartphones are something that people take everywhere with them these days when they leave the house, just like a set of keys...
Google launched Keen

Google launched Keen — Kinda automated version of Pinterest

Google introduced Keen — an AI-powered Pinterest rival to curate, collaborate, and expand your interests on the web. Keen...
Best lightweight Android Apps

25 Best Lite Android Apps To Save Your Data And Battery...

Does your favorite app eat your data, slowing your smartphone or draining your battery? Then why don't you try some lite Android apps for tasks...
Cloud Paradox

The Cloud Paradox: Energy Requirements of Cloud Computing

Cloud-based computing has made great leaps over the past decade, and it's no secret that more and more companies, government organizations, and...
Android browsers for different needs

5 best Android browsers for your different needs

There is a handful of choice for best Android browsers are available on Google Play but most of are using Google Chrome...
Apps for Eating Healthy Food

Things to Consider When Creating a Fitness App

Fitness is in. Being able to work on your fitness from anywhere in the world is even more in. That's why more...
most in-demand tech skills

15 most in-demand tech skills to get promising jobs in 2020

The technology sector is evolving day by day. Tech skills once considered as superior and evergreen have now become obsolete. Because humans...
Fans Into Social Media Followers

4 Tips To Turn Your Fans Into Social Media Followers

Do you have an online fan base? Are you communicating and engaging with your fans regularly? Perhaps, your social media profile has...

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