worst nightmares for a coder

10 Worst Nightmares For A Coder

Many people think that job as a programmer is easy. Like pummel the keyboard , with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea next to...
Best Android Root Apps

20 Best Root Apps For Android In 2018

Android Root apps — a special set of applications to enhance and open new possibilities to your rooted Android devices. A rooted Android device allows us...
vpn unlimited

VPN Unlimited: Unlimited traffic for Downloads and Streaming

There are many free VPN services that we can hire now to navigate safely or bypass country restrictions of content. There is also a...
Google shutting down its URL shortening service goo.gl

Google shutting down its URL shortening service goo.gl

After 9 years of service, Google is shutting down its popular URL Shortener — goo.gl. Launched back in 2009, goo.gl became one of the...

Introduction to Usenet — One of the best secure file-sharing platforms

There are various platforms designed to help you download just about any file from the Internet. Usenet is one of these platforms, yet only...
Best Tools To Improve Your Programming And Coding Skills

12 Best Tools To Improve Your Programming And Coding Skills

How to improve your programming and coding skills ? — To build skill in code, write code. Solving different types of coding problems regularly improves your coding...
Emerging Programming Languages

10 Emerging Programming Languages That Every Programmer Should Know About

Currently a huge number of different programming languages are out there and most of the software companies job requirements seeks programmers with advance skills in...
Write Your First Program - Hello World

Write Your First Program, “Hello World” In 25 Different Famous Programming...

"Hello World !" — First program every programmers writes when he/she start to learn any programming language. "Hello World !" is considered to be the...

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