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Why Integrated ERP Data Systems Are Important in 2019

Integrated ERP Data Systems
As levels of consumer data expand and business processes become ever more complex, integrated ERP systems are becoming increasingly important. Many start-ups and other...

5 Tips for Success in The Business World

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of how businesses operate – from how they advertise their products, to how they communicate with their customers. Companies...

GitHub is now blocking developer accounts in Iran, Syria, and Crimea

GitHub blocking developer accounts
GitHub is no more a platform that connects developers across the world. To comply with U.S. trade control laws, the Microsoft-owned platform is now...

Advantages of designing the user experience through realtime boards

Advantages of designing the user experience
An effective UX is indeed crucial for the success of any business. One can use the realtime boards which make the designing really simple...

France planning to launch satellites equipped with guns and lasers by...

France planning to launch satellites equipped with guns and lasers
France announces plans for space defense by launching its next military satellites — equipped with submachine guns and lasers to blind or destroy an...

Microsoft-OpenAI $1B partnership to build new Azure AI supercomputing technologies

Tech world is going crazy about the Microsoft partnership with Elon Musk co-founded OpenAI to develop Azure AI supercomputing technologies. Microsoft investing $1 billion...

Should Your Business Implement A New POS?

As its title suggests, in this article I will try to answer the question when the time has come for your business to implement...

Four of the Best Gadgets to Have in Your Home

Gadgets which will help you in education
Your home is full of electronics. TVs, Blu-Ray players, a Nintendo Switch, our smartphones; we live with so many devices that they have become...